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Learn the self-defense skills needed to defend yourself and your family from a home invasion


Home Defense – Pistol Live Fire Training

This 3 hour live fire training is a perfect first step into defensive pistol shooting.



Are you prepared for a home invasion?

This course focuses on how to defend yourself and your family in a violent encounter using a pistol for self-defense. This range only training will cover various shooting positions that will be demonstrated and practiced using live fire. Participants will role play shooting scenarios to develop the mindset and skills needed to confront a violent attacker.



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Where is the training located? This training will take place on Armed2Defend’s private covered outdoor shooting range. The address will be given to you after you get registered. The range is on private property and and there is no visiting outside of your scheduled time.

What is the prerequisites for this training? You do not need a CCW license to take this training. You need to be familiar with how to safely operate your pistol. You’ll need to bring your own pistol and ammunition for the training. No holsters are used in this training.

Do I need a CCW license to take this training? No, you just need to be familiar with how to safely operate your pistol. No holsters are used in this training.

How long is the training? This course is objective based so the actual time will depend on the number of students in the class. But the time is capped at 3 hours. The range is outdoors so please dress for the weather. This is a range only training with no classroom training.

What is the fee for the training? The class fee is $60. We can provide range safety equipment if needed. You’ll have to supply your own handgun and ammunition for the training.

What do I need to complete the training? You’ll need a reliable pistol and around 150 rounds of ammunition. An extra magazine for semi-automatic pistols and a speed loader for revolvers are required and will allow for reloading training. You can have either a semi-automatic or revolver.

What is the class size? This course requires a minimum of 4 participants and the size is limited to 12 participants to allow for more individualized instruction.

Does this class give NRA course completion credit? No, this is on the range only training and does not meet the full NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home course requirements.

Does this training meet the Ohio CCW training requirement? No, this does not meet the Ohio training requirements as it is only range live fire training. Please see the information about our Ohio Concealed Carry training here http://www.armed2defend.com/ohioccwclass/.

Instructor Stacy Duncan demonstrates an example of a scenario from the personal protection inside the home training.


Topics covered in this defensive pistol course:

  1. Discussion on home defense including:
    • Creating a home defense plan
    • Defining cover vs concealment and how to utilize them
    • Responding to a threat and the aftermath
  2. Shooting warm-up with introduction to defensive pistol shooting
  3. Assessing the area for additional threats
  4. Accelerated shots and flash sight picture
  5. How to shoot while using cover and concealment
  6. Kneeling position
  7. Point shooting
  8. Practice using verbal commands while engaging an assailant


Shooting Positions and Techniques

    • Range Safety Briefing and Introduction
      Personal Protection Range Briefing
    • Defensive Warm-up Shooting
      Personal Protection Warm-up Defensive Pistol shooting
    • Introduction to Reloading
      Personal Protection Inside the Home training on pistol reload
    • Kneeling Defensive Position
      Personal protection inside the home kneeling pistol shooting position
    • Engaging Further Targets
      Personal Protection Inside the home Armed2Defend experienced instruction
    • Learn How To Use Cover
      Personal Protection Inside the Home shooting from behind cover


This training is based on the NRA’s Personal Protection Inside the Home course and other training curriculum, however, this is not an NRA approved course as it does not meet the NRA training requirements for that course. This is range only training.