NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led Training

Instructor Led NRA Basic Pistol Training

This is the required in-person NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Led training to meet the pre-course qualifications for the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Training. This is a new requirement that started in April 2017.

This training will also meet the Ohio concealed carry training requirements.

All instructor candidates will need to take this course even if you already have a concealed carry license. If you have previously completed the NRA Basic Pistol training, then you can email or text a copy of your certificate for verification. The blended learning version (part online), does not count towards this requirement. Send a copy to Kevin for verification: e-mail:; text: 614-503-5214.


How do I sign up for the class?

You can take this training through Armed2Defend or any other NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. But please be sure that your instructor will submit your completion information to the NRA and that you receive the official NRA certificate of completion for the Instructor Led NRA Basic Pistol Course. Armed2Defend offers this course only on select concealed carry class dates that are listed below.

To register for a class below:

  • Click on the date and fill out the registration information and make a payment ($10 deposit or full $90). The full NRA Basic Pistol class is $125, however, if you’re registered for the instructor class by the time of the Basic Pistol class, then the fee is discounted to only $90. Otherwise, a $35 payment will be required at check in.
  • Make a note in the comment section of the registration that you are registered for the instructor training. That way we can have your NRA Basic Pistol papers ready for you.
  • Please note that the class that you are registering for is my concealed carry class. But your instruction will be different than my normal concealed carry student so please be sure that you bring the items listed below to the class. Your class will meet the full Instructor Led Training version of the NRA Basic Pistol Training.

Click on an upcoming class date to get registered: February 16, 2019; March 9, 2019; April 20, 2019; May 18, 2019

Can I be exempted from this training?

Since you are working to become an NRA Certified Instructor, you need to meet their organizational requirements. Even though you may hold multiple instructor credentials from other organizations, or even from the NRA, you still need to have a certificate of completion for this course before taking the instructor training. Armed2Defend is not the gatekeeper and can’t make any exceptions, the NRA will withhold your credentials until they have a record of you completing the course in their system. You can always contact the NRA training department to ask about exceptions.

How long is this course?

This course will go from 9 am to around 6:30 pm or later. The range demonstrations to the pre-course qualification can be completed at the end of the training. This might take an additional hour of so depending on the number of instructor candidates and how long it takes you to complete the qualification.

Is there a shooting qualification to pass this student level course?

Yes, there is a shooting qualification that is required to pass this NRA Basic Pistol Shooting course. You’ll be required to qualify for the Level 1: Red. This uses a 6 inch target at 15 feet. You have to complete 4 targets with 5 hits inside the ring to pass. Targets don’t have to consecutive, however, any misses cancel a target. For completing of this course through Armed2Defend, only Level 1 will be completed. Click here to see all the student qualification targets and details.

What to bring to the training?

After you sign up for this course, you’ll receive some emails with some conflicting information to the list below. The majority of the students in the class are just taking the Ohio concealed carry training and aren’t meeting all the NRA Basic Pistol course requirements. Therefore, please take a note of this list of materials to bring:

  1. Your ID (Driver’s License) – Doesn’t have to have current address, we just use it to verify your identification.
  2. Course fee payment, if needed – We prefer cash but for this class we can do either cash or credit cards. No checks are accepted at the class.
  3. Your pistol unloaded and in a closed bag or case – Store in your car until we go to the range.
  4. Ammunition for your pistol – I suggest that you bring 200 rounds of ammo. This will allow 100 rounds for the NRA Basic Pistol class and then 100 rounds to qualify.
  5. Lunch, drinks, snacks – You can pack or buy into the pizza lunch that is offered at the class. However, I strongly suggest that you pack snacks for later in the day as there aren’t any available at the range. There won’t be any time to leave the class or range to get food.
  6. Pen, paper, highlighters, post-it notes, or whatever else you want to use to take notes.
  7. Pre-Course qualification paperwork that is filled out – this will be used to track your pre-course qualification progress.
  8. Pre-course qualification targets listed in the pre-course qualification packet. I would suggest that you bring at least 6 copies of the 4-target paper.