NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program

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All events are held at our private range in Canal Winchester, OH from 12:30-1:30. Reserve your spot!

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Its only $100 – Save at least $20

This $100 fee includes the range time, re-shoot sessions, and all awards and certificates.

(Distinguished Expert award package is included for current NRA members, otherwise an additional $25 fee is required)

NRA Pistol Marksmanship Qualification Program

Hosted by Armed2Defend

Looking for training after the concealed carry class? This is the perfect program. The program starts at a very beginner level but it progresses from there. As you complete each level’s requirements you earn awards and unlock the next level. 

NRA Pistol Marksmanship Qualification Program Goals:

The goal of the Winchester / NRA Pistol Marksmanship Qualification program is to develop the skills needed to participate in NRA Action Pistol competition, as well as the basic skills required for personal protection. An NRA Basic Pistol, Personal Protection or FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation course will provide an excellent foundation of knowledge to build upon. The NRA Basic Pistol Qualification Course provides the perfect self-paced shooting activity to help develop your skills and reward your achievements. This Winchester / NRA Pistol Marksmanship Qualification Program is a civilian marksmanship qualification program.

Marksman Levels:

(must be completed in order)

  • Pro-Marksman
  • Marksman
  • Marksman First Class
  • Sharpshooter
  • Expert
  • Distinguished Expert – National Recognition by the NRA

General Program Details:

Please review this pdf before starting the program with Armed2Defend: Armed2Defend’s Marksmanship’s Program Details

Click here for the NRA’s information page

Please contact us with any questions. Email: or by calling/texting 614-503-5214

How to Participate in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program


Dates and Times:

All qualifications are held at Armed2Defend’s shooting range in Canal Winchester. The address will be emailed after you register for a date. Please click the button below to register for a session.


Order a Gift Certificate to Save!

You can use it for yourself or give as a gift.

Its only $100 – Save at least $20

This $100 fee includes the range time, re-shoot sessions, and all awards and certificates.

(Distinguished Expert award package is included for current NRA members, otherwise an additional $25 fee is required)

How to Complete:

The marksman qualification is hosted on Armed2Defend’s instructional shooting range. Please review the details for the Marksmanship program hosted by Armed2Defend. Please note that this range is on private property and is only opened during listed times.

Program Fee:

The program fee is $20 per level attempted. If the level isn’t completed in one day then its only $5 each date that you come back to work on that level. If you would like to complete more than one level in one day, each additional level is only $15 within the same day.

At the completion of each level, you will be awarded a certificate and the skill rocker for that level. On completing the Pro-Marksman level, you will also be awarded the Pistol Qualification Patch. There is an additional $20 fee for non-NRA members for the Distinguished Expert Award package (free for NRA members).

NRA Marksmanship Completion Awards:

At the completion of the Pro-Marksman level, you will be awarded the Pistol Qualification Patch, Pro-Marksman Rocker Patch, and the Pro-Marksman Award Certificate. At the completion of each level from Marksman to Expert, you will receive the appropriate level’s Rocker Patch and Award Certificate.

The Distinguished Expert level’s award is handled through the NRA for NRA members. Upon completion, the NRA will mail the Distinguish Expert Rocker Patch, Medal, and Certificate. For non-NRA members, there is an additional $20 award fee to receive the Distinguished Expert Award package (free for NRA members).


Armed2Defend will supply the targets, shooting space, instruction and awards. Ammunition and firearms are to be supplied by the participant. Ammunition will be available for sale at the range (22 lr caliber ammunition is temporarily not available for sale at the range).

Marksmanship Program Targets:

For Levels Pro-Marksman and Marksman
Right Handed
Left Handed

For Levels Marksman First Class, Expert, and Distinguished Expert
AP-2: Precision Target Printable
Official AP-2 targets are used for the Distinguished Expert Level, click here for official target.

For the AP2 Target, hits get scored by what ring they are in. Hits that break a line count towards the higher value score.

Marksmanship Qualification Records:

Armed2Defend will maintain your qualification records.

Our Most Recent Customer Reviews:

Sean Moore
Sean M.
21:26 15 Aug 19
Kevin is great. I am all about safety and education. This program was spot on.
00:47 15 Aug 19
Instructors were knowledgeable and answered all questions. The class was a mix of people attending. From the beginners to the well versed in gun handling. However all learned and benefited from the class. IMO, we had plenty of range time before test that was well supervised and safe for all. Glad I choose Ared2Defend.
Robin Sigmon
Robin S.
11:16 01 Aug 19
Not you average hours at the range, you learn how to draw from a holster quickly and get your target acquired fast. Takes you out of your comfort zone and you walk away feeling like you can handle your gun better.
Troy Clagg
Troy C.
12:36 30 Jul 19
My wife and I attended the class she was a beginner and i was a little more advanced but the class helped us both a great deal. You really don't realize what you don't know until you take a course like this. It is very informative, professional and safe group of trainers. I would recommend any and everyone to take their course.
Dwayne Spence
Dwayne S.
12:43 29 Jul 19
Took the course several years ago and found them to be very thorough and knowledgeable in every aspect of gun handling safety and training.
Andrew Mosier
Andrew M.
21:35 28 Jul 19
Great place to get your ccw. I got Ohio plus Florida and Arizona carry license. Very informative and good instructors.
Jeanette Jamison
Jeanette J.
13:48 21 Jul 19
Great price, great instructors, great experience. I was 8 months pregnant when I took the CCW class and couldn’t do the shooting portion at that time, but they worked with me and let me make it up at a later date. Thankful for all the A2D staff for their hard work!
james schreiner
james S.
19:57 19 Jul 19
Well taught class and was very informative...
Makayla Gunn
Makayla G.
12:23 17 Jul 19
My brother signed me up for the class as a birthday gift! My brother and I attended our class April 27th 2019 and had a wonderful experience. The staff was kind, professional, involved, educated and fun. We have recommended all of our friends and family to Armed2defend. We were so happy we went them.
Priscilla Torres
Priscilla T.
16:03 16 Jul 19
I took a concealed carry course and purchased the package to try out different models of handguns/firearms. The class was informative and the chance to feel what worked for me was perfect for making a decision to purchase a pewpew
lewis whitehead
lewis W.
15:43 12 Jul 19
It was a scary experience being around all those guns but the staff did a good job of keeping everybody cool
Bruce Ceneskie
Bruce C.
20:20 08 Jul 19
Armed2Defend is an established Concealed Carry training company that has successfully trained many students of all levels of experience. Most of the instructors are military veterans with many years of experience. The range portion is well organized and the instructors enjoy working with the students and ensuring the students get what they need to handle a firearm safely and with confidence.