Holster Selection Workshop

Don’t carry because you haven’t found the right holster?

Tired of wasting money on holsters that don’t work for you?

Haven’t chosen a gun because you are unsure of how to carry it?


Armed2Defend’s Holster Workshop is for you!


Holster Selection Workshop


Congratulations, you’ve earned your license and you’ve bought your gun, now how do you safely and effectively carry it in public? We encourage you to use your license and carry your gun daily, but don’t ruin your good record by carrying your gun unsafely. A gun sitting at home doesn’t save you from an attack in the grocery store’s parking lot. It’s vital that you take the time to solve the puzzle of what holster is right for you.


Why Should I Attend A Holster Selection Workshop?

  • Learn why a holster is a necessity for safely carrying a pistol in public.
  • Discuss the most popular and functional ways to carry a concealed handgun.
  • Discuss safe and effectively methods to draw a concealed pistol from various holsters.
  • Learn how to evaluate a holster system for potential safety concerns.


Limited Time Special – Save $15 

Use coupon code “HOLSTER” to discount this $40 workshop to only $25. Please note that the discount code must be applied when registering and will be available for a limited time.


Upcoming Holster Selection Workshop Dates:

More class dates to come!

What’s the Best Holster to Buy?

If you’re starting your search, you’re probably looking for the silver bullet holster that works best. But the reality is that the right holster is different for different people. There is no one size fits all solution. We will talk about the different factors that play a role in this important decision. The discussion will include different areas of the body we might carry as well as how our life factors and body types play into our decision (such as the types of clothes we typically wear and the types of activities we typically do). The best holster is the holster that works best for your lifestyle. Come discuss and try on different holsters and carry methods to determine what works for you!


Try holsters on and see how which work best for You!

You will get the opportunity to see and try on many popular options. We will talk about the pros and cons of each one.


This workshop is for both men and women with a breakout session for gender specific carry methods.


Benefits of Armed2Defend’s Holster Selection Workshop:

  • Discussion and demonstrations of many different carry methods.
  • Pros and Cons discussion for each carry method.
  • Demonstration holsters that participants can try on and practice.
  • Discounts will be offered to participants from various holster companies.
  • Learn what holster fits your lifestyle before buying.


How to attend a Holster Workshop?

Select a session below and get signed up. All sessions last around 2 hours giving participants time to try and discuss how the different holsters work. Sessions are held indoors in a classroom environment. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to the workshop so that we can start on time.


What do I bring to the training?

In order to make the try on session realistic, wear clothes that you’ll normally wear. We suggest that you wear two layered shirts to provide additional modesty. You’ll be able to use the bathroom for additional privacy.  We’ll give you guided notes for note taking and have plenty of examples of holsters for you to try on.

You’re welcome to bring your holster, but you’re not allowed to bring your firearm or ammunition. Due to the topic of this class, no guns or ammunition are allowed, including concealed ones.


Upcoming Holster Selection Workshop Dates:




What is the reschedule or cancellation policy for these workshops?

If you need to cancel or change your workshop date, a 48-hour notice is required, or your workshop fee is forfeited. These workshops are smaller groups to allow ample time to discuss and try on the different holster options. No exception will be granted.


Where are these workshops held?

The location may vary so please verify the location when making your reservation. Most workshops will be held at the annex building for Wagnall’s Memorial Library in Lithopolis Ohio. The address is 122 E Columbus St. Lithopolis OH 43136. The parking lot is behind the building. You can get it it by turning at the light at Walnut St.