Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Get a Concealed Carry License?

Here are the steps to get an Ohio Concealed Carry License:

  1. Verify that you are able to get a concealed carry license. See disqualifiers below.
  2. Register for Armed2Defend’s class by selecting a class date and filling out the registration information.
  3. Attend and pass the training. No need to pre-study or practice before the class. We’ll teach and train you in everything that is needed in order to pass the class. At the end, you’ll receive the Ohio application, Ohio Attorney General’s Concealed Handgun Law Summary, passport style photo, and the certificate of competency.
  4. Fill out your application and review the Ohio Attorney General’s Concealed Handgun Law Summary.
  5. Schedule an appointment with your county or an adjoining county sheriff’s office. See our resources page for sheriff contact information.
  6. Go to your appointment and turn in your paperwork (application filled out with photo attached, your government issued ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport…), and the $67 registration fee in exact change. Do not bring a gun to the sheriff’s office.
  7. After your appointment they will run a background check and then call you when your license is ready to be picked up.

I am New To Guns, Where Do I Start?

You’re in good company because over half our students in any given class are beginners. Our concealed carry course starts at the beginner level where we’ll cover all the basic topics. We’ll even practice the safe and proper gun handling techniques with dummy guns in the classroom before we go to the range. Then at the range we provide one-on-one instruction with encouraging instructors who have helped train thousands of beginners. You’ll have plenty of pistol handling experience and knowledge by the end of the course to comfortably and confidently own and use a pistol.

Do I Need to Own a Gun to Before Taking the Training?

No. In fact, we recommend you wait until after the training to purchase a firearm since you will have a better idea of what you need/want. We will provide you with a 22 lr caliber pistol and the ammo to use at the class; this is included in the class fee.  

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Concealed Carry License?

It will cost you around $157 ($90 class fee plus $67 license fee) if you take our training. Our training fee is only $90 which includes everything that you need for the training except for food and drinks. We’ll also give you everything that you need for applying for the license (except the $67 fee), including a passport style photo ($9 value). After the course you will pay the $67 sheriff license fee to the sheriff when you apply for the license. You have 3 years to apply for the license after taking the training and the license is good for 5 years from when it is issued. The renewal fee is $50 for another 5 year license and no additional training is required.

How long is the Ohio Concealed Carry Training?

Ohio requires at least 8 hours of training and our one day Concealed Carry classes go from 9:00 in the morning till 5:30 in the evening. At the end of the day we’ll give you everything that you need to apply for the Ohio concealed carry license (except the $67 fee).

Do You Offer Two or Multi-Day Classes?

The class can be conveniently broken up over multiple dates if needed. You’ll start a class date and we’ll keep a record of what you completed on that date. When you come back to another scheduled class date you just simply pick up where you left off. After you complete all lessons and the time requirement you’ll receive your certificate. There is no additional fee for spreading the class over multiple class dates.

How do I Conceal Carry in Other States?

Unlike the Ohio driver’s license that is honored in all 50 states, the Ohio concealed carry license is only currently honored in 40 states (this number changes based on state reciprocity agreements). We cover this information in our class.

What Are the Qualifications for Getting a Concealed Carry License?

In Ohio, as long as you meet the requirements for the license, the Sheriff has to issue you the license. Below is a list of disqualifiers. If you are unsure of your record, contact the Court Clerks’ Office for the county that you were prosecuted in to get a copy of your record. To expunge or seal convictions, also contact the Court’s Clerk Office for directions on how to do it.

You cannot obtain the Ohio Concealed Handgun License if you have any of the following convictions or pending cases in Ohio or in any other state unless if the record was sealed or expunged:

  1. Any felony (Question # 7)
  2. Any drug related misdemeanor (Questions # 8A and 8B)
  3. Any misdemeanor offense of violence or charge of domestic violence (Question # 9)
  4. Any misdemeanor of violence within 3 years (Question # 10)
  5. Any misdemeanor of possessing of a revoked or suspended concealed handgun license within 3 years (Question # 10)
  6. Any resisting arrest within 10 years (Question # 11)
  7. And pending assault or negligent assault charges (Question # 12a)
  8. Any 2 or more assault or negligent assault misdemeanors within 5 years (Question # 12b)
  9. Any assaulting a peace officer (Question # 12c)

The Question numbers refer to the Ohio Concealed Carry Application. This summary is provided as a guide and not to be considered the complete list of disqualifiers for the license. It is your responsibility to make sure that you do not have any disqualifiers before attending the class and/or applying for the license.

How Do I Bring My Gun to the Class?

You don’t need a concealed carry license to own or transport your firearm in your car. You just have to do it by the law. The best way to legally transport it is to have it unloaded and in a closed bag or case in your trunk (or back of the vehicle). The bag or case can be as simple as the box you bought it in or can be locked case. It is best to store and transport the firearm with the magazines or speed loaders unloaded and to have your ammunition in a separate compartment or bag then your gun.

Does the Concealed Handgun License Training meet the Ohio Training requirement and is it honored by Ohio?

Yes. You can confirm our credentials by contacting your sheriff’s department to verify. The sheriff is the one who processes the application. Kevin Sadeski is a certified NRA instructor (NRA ID# 176644351) and the course meets the requirements described in section 2923.125(G) (1) of the Ohio Revised Code. All successful students also pass the competency examination as described in section 2923.125(G) (2) of the Ohio Revised Code.

How Can I Teach Concealed Carry Classes?

To become an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor you need to take an NRA Pistol Instructor course from an NRA Certified Training Counselor. This is a 2 day class that has pre-course qualifications that need to be completed before the class. Kevin Sadeski is a certified Training Counselor and offers NRA Instructor courses. Click here for more information.