Ohio Concealed Carry (CCW) Class – Get the CCW License

Marc Patterson
Marc P.
01:36 02 Jun 20
Great presentation and info
Marvin Neighborgall
Marvin N.
00:08 02 Jun 20
Terry Collins
Terry C.
23:33 01 Jun 20
This is one great place to go if you are wanting to take your CCW class !!
Linda Nicole
Linda N.
23:04 31 May 20
I want to thank Kevin, Alisha, and the team for taking time to train me and my cousin. It was really a Great Experience 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️ I want to send a special S/O to George for my 1 on 1 lesson🤗🤗❤️❤️you are truly amazing 😉 I definitely recommend you sign up💯💯💯🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Juan Lumpkin
Juan L.
22:43 29 May 20
My son-in-law heard about A2D through a co-worker. He knew I wanted to take classes sooner rather than later (after COVID) so told me about them. I’m glad he did. The six hours of online training was interesting and very thoroughly executed. I didn’t doze off once! LOL! The instructors were very laid back and easy to follow, adding real live examples where possible. Made the material very easy to apply. The two hour range session was just as great! The instructor was patient for newbies; and adjusted to those who were more experienced. Trainers were very personable and made me feel they genuinely cared about my technique. To me, they earned every one of the five stars!
Marc Reddens
Marc R.
20:02 29 May 20
lonnie hall
lonnie H.
03:27 29 May 20
alex schmelter
alex S.
10:50 24 May 20
mustafa fares
mustafa F.
18:25 23 May 20
Very informative and very personable Staff!
deidra ray
deidra R.
16:55 20 May 20
Ken Roberts
Ken R.
20:24 19 May 20
Cody Killian
Cody K.
06:31 16 May 20
Very patient and accommodating during the COVID-19 pandemic.They provided me with everything I needed to confidently apply for the Ohio CCW. If I had to do it again, it would be here.
Justice rulee
Justice R.
18:54 13 May 20
Jamaal Cox
Jamaal C.
19:13 12 May 20
Thanks Kevin, will be back to take more classes......
Ck carder
Ck C.
21:12 10 May 20
Most experienced staff I have ever worked with. Learned a great deal. I will most definitely be returning for additional training.
Robert Spivey
Robert S.
16:44 10 May 20
If you've ever taken a class where you sit down and are talked at the entire time, you struggle to focus, and feel like you're wasting your time. You will will not feel that way about this class. Kevin and Alisha are very passionate about this and it shows! 10/10 would reccomend.
Dave Booker
Dave B.
21:53 09 May 20
edward feldner
edward F.
16:23 07 May 20
clinton elmore
clinton E.
00:54 07 May 20
Alisha and Kevin are top notch! I will be following up with more training with Armed2Defend. I highly recommend them no matter what your skill level.
Kristen Yuill
Kristen Y.
20:14 02 May 20
TinaMarie Guilfoyle
TinaMarie G.
22:13 01 May 20
I took the conceal carry 3.5 years ago. Very clear, patient and helpful. Plan to get re-certified through them again.
Bill Christenson
Bill C.
23:16 29 Apr 20
They covered all the bases including an attorney who added great perspective. Good range situation too
Donald Adkins
Donald A.
13:39 29 Mar 20
the best class ever for learning the fundilmentels off concealed to carry
Larry Jones
Larry J.
19:57 28 Mar 20
rob shouldis
rob S.
23:32 25 Mar 20
Shanique Mitchell
Shanique M.
16:04 24 Mar 20
Excellent program. Highly recommended
Paul Blaho
Paul B.
00:16 24 Mar 20
Great class experienced instructors nice people really enjoyed my time there.
Leon Getz
Leon G.
09:33 20 Mar 20
Great class and teachers. Very well organized and you will learn all aspects of gun defense.
mike b
mike b
21:00 18 Mar 20
Crystal McFarland
Crystal M.
17:01 14 Mar 20
Kile King
Kile K.
06:31 13 Mar 20
Highly satisfied with the training and course offerings. Great staff and rang instructors. Well worth the money. Will definitely be back for some additional training. Also, the firearm sampler package at the range is hands down the cheapest way to test such a wide variety of handguns in one range visit. Would recommend to anyone interested.
Christina Cobb
Christina C.
14:00 12 Mar 20
The staff was amazing. The class was fun and very informative. I highly recommend taking this class.
Joe Milliron
Joe M.
09:59 09 Mar 20
Awesome class !! I would highly recommend it.great information that can be used everyday life top notch instructors 👍👍
Taylor Lin Harding
Taylor Lin H.
22:01 06 Mar 20
Loved the class, instructors are passionate about what they do!
Kevin Rowe
Kevin R.
21:28 06 Mar 20
Very good trainers and very knowlegable
CheyeAnn Williams
CheyeAnn W.
15:18 06 Mar 20
This class was absolutely freaking AMAZING!! The information given is taught so that everyone is able to understand it, they tell you things you would never think you’d need to know and also educate you more on the things you think you know. The practice shooting is so thought out and comforting that everyone that was terrified of shooting a gun came out happy and smiling because of how much of a great time we were having! 10/10 would recommend!
Tim Lane
Tim L.
13:24 05 Mar 20
Very fun and informative! I like that the husband and wife team were so passionate about CCW.
Mary Musser
Mary M.
12:13 05 Mar 20
What a great experience this was to me! I enjoyed the class and the people that gave the class was just awesome! They were very informative and they knew their stuff! Thank you for such a great experience!’
jay huffman
jay H.
05:39 05 Mar 20
Loved my experience with this company very good information and correct information given I will be going throw them when it’s time to renew here soon and will be bringing my wife also I have told a lot of people about this company and had a lot of people use them
01:37 05 Mar 20
My mom & I took this class together. We had a great experience learning the before, during, and after having your license to carry. The staff was very informative and helpful with questions. Overall great company to work with!
Dominick Carmon
Dominick C.
22:59 03 Mar 20
Ron Suter
Ron S.
19:56 01 Mar 20
They dot the i's and cross the t's. Good experience.
Andrea Kirby
Andrea K.
21:09 26 Feb 20
Armed to defend gave me a lot of insight into gun safety and use. I liked the way that they taught and gave you hands on training at the shooting range as well.
hung thai
hung T.
13:18 26 Feb 20
Ray Oxendine
Ray O.
01:58 26 Feb 20
Great instructors, they are very patient and will answer any questions you need to know. I learned alot that I had know idea. Well worth the money and time. I will be taking extra training classes on the range in the near future. Plus got my CCW license two days after getting certified. The 9MM M&P9 2.0 that I used on the range.
jeffrey farthing
jeffrey F.
21:07 24 Feb 20
Great price and Fantastic communication and an excellent all around class the instructors are super friendly
Michael Butts, CTA
Michael Butts, C.
18:11 22 Feb 20
Was very informative,fun yet to the point.you are told and shown what you need to be successful.Glad I chose them over others.As a bonus it was priced Right.Before you decide to to pick them over others call them they will answer all questions you might have.
Elayne Duncan
Elayne D.
00:38 22 Feb 20
Wonderful experience. I was a novice and was schooled in law and rules for concealed carry. They found a way to deliver tons of important information in an interesting manner. Everyone very knowledgeable. We had a large class, but Plenty of instructions and individual help. Range time great whether you were my military family members or my sister and I new to all of it. We did this concealed carry class as a family of 6. When my youngest son reaches appropriate age this will be the only place I will consider sending him. Kudo's Armed2Defend!!
Ryne Richardson
Ryne R.
18:06 21 Feb 20
Took my CCW class with Armed 2 Defend and was not disappointed. They have a attorney presentation which I believe is exclusive to them, and worth the money itself for what it provides. The attorney presentation gave me information I didn't know I needed and was beyond helpful. On top of all of this the rest of the class is phenomenal as well. Instructors are very knowledgeable and are really there to make you feel comfortable and safe. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their CCw or any gun class!
Kellee DeHainaut
Kellee D.
20:13 20 Feb 20
Hands down the BEST organization ever! I took my class and loved every moment of it. I bought a gift certificate for a friend because I wanted them to have the very best training as well!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Chris Hunt
Chris H.
00:01 20 Feb 20
Scott Ducharme
Scott D.
02:23 19 Feb 20
I had a great time at armed to defend! Kevin does an awesome job instructing in making sure the basics are understood. He personalizes the course and makes it interesting rather than just have a bland informational session. The shooting at the range was awesome! Great instructors who are patient and clear made it a very enjoyable experience! I would recommend it for anyone! I know Kevin and his wife will continue to be successful because their focus on relationship building and ensuring clear understanding of personal defense to each individual that attends .
Danny Carbaugh
Danny C.
00:36 19 Feb 20
Michelle Pritchett
Michelle P.
15:18 18 Feb 20
Great place nice and respectful trainers Location is very clean reasonable price I will definitely be returning for more training.. & the firearm gun laws from women book.. this is a great way to relieve some stress and get some air and I like going out on the Range it was very fun but lots of lessons was learned within the training
Misty Risch
Misty R.
12:56 17 Feb 20
Jim Keel
Jim K.
22:55 16 Feb 20
Sharon Bare
Sharon B.
21:35 16 Feb 20
Best class around for you CCW! Hands down!
Sheldon Stallworth
Sheldon S.
18:18 13 Feb 20
Tee Williams
Tee W.
01:19 13 Feb 20
10/10 I recommend to all.
Avelino Arellano
Avelino A.
23:06 12 Feb 20
Great instruction answered all my questions
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas S.
18:24 12 Feb 20
Very knowledgeable and informative in the classroom, range personnel were to the point but also explained everything in detail all while keeping safety first. They have a ton of options from the novice to expert level. Highly recommend going through them for your concealed carry course.
Christopher R Fellenstein
Christopher R F.
15:47 12 Feb 20
This was a great training experience. This was really convenient for me because the availability of classes Monday-Saturday every week! I learned alot, the whole breakdown and operation of a firearm, the laws and how to properly carry. The training really helped me to see some of the things that are not considered when owning or carrying a firearm, like having a proper holster. I feel this class was well worth the money and I'm glad I took it.
Nelson Hua
Nelson H.
04:32 12 Feb 20
Had a really great experience here! Both lecture and range time were extremely informative. I was easily able to get my license the very next morning with their certificate. I’ve been considering taking more classes with them in the future.
Chris Cline
Chris C.
19:49 11 Feb 20
It was an awesome class and super informative. The legal instruction was excellent and the range, even though you had to travel a bit was nice. Keith the owner is very personable and approachable with questions or advice. Also, I believe the best priced CCW training in Central Ohio. I highly recommend their program! Chris C. Cols, Oh
Derek Browder
Derek B.
00:24 09 Feb 20
Ronald Nowlin
Ronald N.
22:28 08 Feb 20
Sheri Conner
Sheri C.
14:16 07 Feb 20
Justin Bell
Justin B.
22:13 04 Feb 20
Thomas MacKay
Thomas M.
16:17 03 Feb 20
Just completed the Ohio CCW course with Kevin and Alisha. Fantastic class and RSOs at the range. Definitely going back for additional classes soon!
Kiara Dumas
Kiara D.
14:51 03 Feb 20
William Richards
William R.
13:41 02 Feb 20
Maria Baker
Maria B.
01:07 02 Feb 20
The class is presented in good form.
Ed Blaire
Ed B.
17:51 01 Feb 20
Kevin's course is amazing and second to none!
Allen Bonham
Allen B.
01:05 01 Feb 20
Used them about 5 years ago great course great instructors.
Gary Daniels
Gary D.
09:48 31 Jan 20
Takisha Dorton
Takisha D.
14:58 30 Jan 20
I enjoyed the class very much. I really enjoyed the range because at first I was little uneasy and uncomfortable with shooting but the one on one training really eased my fears.
Tim Barrage
Tim B.
00:26 30 Jan 20
Great training. Great people.
Lauren Adams
Lauren A.
00:56 29 Jan 20
I had a great time. I thought it would be scary and overwhelming but it wasn't that at all!. The instructors were very informative and detailed. Plenty of opportunities to ask questions!!
Ron Brown
Ron B.
15:48 28 Jan 20
Excellent instruction and personal attention in both classroom and range. Highly recommend.
Paul Smith
Paul S.
01:27 28 Jan 20
Brian Johnston
Brian J.
20:06 26 Jan 20
Best class for great price.
Chris Hunt
Chris H.
13:34 25 Jan 20
Step by step instructions. With knowledge instructions. Plus take time like with my wife, to make more comfortable.
Randy Keller
Randy K.
08:55 24 Jan 20
Very well done.
Leonardo Concepcion
Leonardo C.
01:15 24 Jan 20
I recommend them very professionally, you learn a lot and a very pleasant atmosphere
Iain Johns
Iain J.
23:33 21 Jan 20
I highly recommend Armed2Defend for your CCW training. It blew me away how professional and courteous the staff were in teaching you from the ground up the essentials you need to acquire your license. It was definitely evident how much they care and have pride in their organization. They are a blessing to our community and I am looking forward to advanced training in the future. This is literally one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!
Paula Pettis
Paula P.
01:54 21 Jan 20
I highly recommend this class. The instructors are expert in their delivery of the material and go above and beyond to make sure you understand Ohio laws regarding conceal carry. The time spent at the range was incredible, making sure you know how to shoot safely and that you are comfortable with your firearm, recognizing flaws, correcting those flaws and moving forward. This was really just the best class. Sign up...you will not be disappointed .
Terrance V
Terrance V
01:42 21 Jan 20
Great experience and very friendly
Michael Hatfield
Michael H.
22:17 17 Jan 20
The classes were very informative and all my questions were answered. Great instructors. I would recommend Armed2Defend to anyone.
John Potter
John P.
19:40 17 Jan 20
First class training. I've gone through 3 of their NRA training programs and learned a lot in each one. Instructors work with you so you get the most out of the time you spend.
Donna hunter
Donna H.
19:52 15 Jan 20
Armed2Defend exceeded my expectations of firearm laws and training. I am confident knowing that I can defend myself appropriately. I highly recommend Armed2Defend.
Fabiola Ortiz Alvarez
Fabiola Ortiz A.
16:47 15 Jan 20
They are amazing and affordable!Great class! I will definitely take it again since my certificate expired before I had the chance to get the license!
Katy Isaac
Katy I.
15:22 15 Jan 20
My husband and I decided to get our CCW’s and we LOVED our experience. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors. Highly recommend.
abdiasis muse
abdiasis M.
12:07 15 Jan 20
This is the best place to get CCW from and i really enjoyed if you ever need to get your CCW this is your place
p i
p i
22:07 14 Jan 20
used armed to defend was a very good classvery professional
Mary Musser
Mary M.
22:05 14 Jan 20
Andrew Mosier
Andrew M.
18:59 13 Jan 20
Great place to get your ccw. I got Ohio plus Florida and Arizona carry license for when traveling. Very informative and good instructors. Would recommend to anyone looking to get their carry license.
Ohio Homes Inc
Ohio Homes I.
15:03 13 Jan 20
This training seemed more professional as opposed to training that other friends have taken elsewhere.
Fred Kipp
Fred K.
21:38 12 Jan 20
The best CCW course and trainers around! Take the proper steps and make sure you are Armed2Defend!
Empress Shoe Game
Empress Shoe G.
01:03 11 Jan 20
Charles Hackney
Charles H.
00:18 09 Jan 20
Everything was first class. From the in class instructors, the legal consequences segment, to the instructors at the range.
John Barrett
John B.
00:25 08 Jan 20
Wow.....What a rewarding experience. The class is very informative and you learn quite a bit about gun safety and your right to carry. They even have a lawyer who gives you legal advise so that you don’t make common ccw mistakes your first time. I will say you MUST pay attention as the information presented is important and can Potential save your life one day and possibles the life of the suspect. The range is outdoors and is full of experienced people who come from various disciplines. They teach you not only your shooting stance but also assist you what your aim and take time to tell you how you can improve your shot and response time. This day was long but it was the best 8hrs ever and an investment I truly believe will benefit me in the days months and years to come. Kevin thank you for being there for people and their 2nd amendment rights and god bless your business your team and the work you do to protect our rights.
Dalton McKee
Dalton M.
06:27 07 Jan 20
Leon Getz
Leon G.
10:58 05 Jan 20
Great instructors and we had a great time while learning and shooting. If your looking for a CCW class this is the one you should attend.
Jamal Saxton
Jamal S.
23:22 01 Jan 20
Part of the last class of '19. Wonderful people,great advice. Tip notch. Choose these guys.
Chris Zaker
Chris Z.
00:27 01 Jan 20
Outstanding place to receive concealed handgun training. Very well taught by knowledgeable people who care.
Lauren Harvin
Lauren H.
21:18 30 Dec 19
Everyone I worked with during my training were absolutely amazing! Everyone was so sweet and and kind and you can tell they loved their positions. Thank you so much Armed2Defend! I will be recommending for future participates.
James Jarrell
James J.
17:45 29 Dec 19
Very knowledgeable. Provides thorough law and information and where to find more. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course. Plus they offer further education and training.
Karen May Dillman
Karen May D.
12:45 29 Dec 19
Very well run. Class material is broken up between lectures and videos. Topics cover the basic CC information as well as what to expect in the aftermath that may involve police and the courts. The range is very well organized with plenty of experienced instructors. A big plus is their extra Pistol Sampler Experience. The sample included 14 different model/type of pistols and it is well worth the added cost. The last one I fired turned out to be the one for me! Highly recommend Armed2Defend.
Kenneth Redd
Kenneth R.
18:26 28 Dec 19
Evan Buckle
Evan B.
15:03 26 Dec 19
I took an instructor course from Kevin. I was really impressed. Kevin is a true professional. The other instructors on the range were all top notch as well. I had the opportunity to see both in action with the concealed carry course as well when I took my test before the actual class. They have the ability to make someone completely new to firearms feel comfortable in an environment of learning and always in safety. If you're on the fence about taking a course from Armed2Defend let me encourage you. You will not regret it! Also its clear that Kevin is passionate about people learning and standing up about our 2nd amendment rights. Sign up for the NRA with Armed2Defend. Once you know the quiet comfort that comes from walking in public knowing you have the skill at arms to defend yourself and your family you'll wonder how you did it before.
Kristie Kiphart
Kristie K.
16:03 24 Dec 19
CCW Class is well ran. The NRA CCW Class is also well ran. They stick to the rules without making the class stressful as well as the shooting qualification. That means a lot. Thanks!
William Coulson
William C.
00:33 24 Dec 19
Bill Gabel
Bill G.
09:05 16 Dec 19
This is one of the best Second Amendment websites I have reviewed - well worth your time and effort.
Rob Sollars
Rob S.
09:43 15 Dec 19
Duwan Boulware
Duwan B.
18:38 14 Dec 19
Its a good place to go if you want to rent a gun and get your concealed carry legally.
Tim Messer
Tim M.
00:28 12 Dec 19
Really great time.. The class is very engaging and the range is the topping to it. Highly recommended to any one who goes just as it was recommended to me.
G Mil
G M.
19:25 08 Dec 19
Great time. Lost my irrational fear of guns taking safety class. I will take more classes. Highly recommend!
Steve Holmes
Steve H.
03:43 07 Dec 19
Fantastic experience and value... couldn't have been more pleased with the class, training, and facility. I would highly recommend armed2defend to anyone interested in this type of training. "THE" place to go in the central ohio area!
Ronnie Burke
Ronnie B.
18:18 06 Dec 19
Aaron Novotney
Aaron N.
00:39 04 Dec 19
Phenomenal instruction. Patient, student focus with an uncompromising focus on safety first. Very thorough. Highly recommend Kevin and his team.
Ed Jones
Ed J.
00:06 04 Dec 19
This was a great class experience and the range instructors are very knowledgeable and skilled. They show you exactly how to correct any errors you may have. It’s a great way to spend a day and get a wonderful experience.
Kasey Hannay
Kasey H.
19:20 02 Dec 19
These people do it right! They were so helpful, great at communicating the information prior to the class, and presented the information in a fun and cohesive way. I would highly recommend Armed2Defend. They go above and beyond and really care about what they are teaching.
Jeffrey Tate
Jeffrey T.
17:29 02 Dec 19
Excellent class leading to becoming a certified handgun instructor
Duvon lee
Duvon L.
04:15 01 Dec 19
Jim Musick
Jim M.
18:35 26 Nov 19
Classroom training covered required topics. Range time was great learning experience
Me And GOD
Me And G.
02:36 26 Nov 19
I did my conceal carry training at Armed2Defend and was impressed by the professionalism of the whole group. An excellent value and choice for your CCW training.
Ashley Calwise
Ashley C.
22:12 23 Nov 19
The class was great. The material was taught in a manner that was very easy to understand no matter your level of knowledge on guns or the laws surrounding them was. Jamie was my instructor at the range and he was beyond GREAT! He helped me become very comfortable with shooting and my gun in our time at the range. If I ever had to take the class again I’d come back. For now I’m just giving the class away as Christmas gift.
Jeremy Swanson
Jeremy S.
21:54 23 Nov 19
Christian Dunkle
Christian D.
21:51 21 Nov 19
The CCW training at Armed2Defend exceeded my expectations. I would absolutely recommend anyone wanting their CCWS to join a session at A2D!!!! what a wonderful staff and the range officer (he’s a marine ) he was so hopeful and helped me to become a better shooter. Thank you all very much I had a blast and will recommend anyone I can to come on out !!
Jim Stoneburner
Jim S.
19:18 21 Nov 19
John Potter
John P.
23:22 19 Nov 19
Kevin and Armed2Defend were recommended to me for NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Training and I'm glad I attended. Great job by Kevin, Stacy, and the other instructors. Their training is 1st class and I too now would recommend them for any level of training.
Tim Maddux
Tim M.
02:30 13 Nov 19
It was really fun getting my license to carry a weapon test was kind of easy if you pay attention and do what you’re supposed to do and then the range was pretty awesome now you feel safer for you and your family have all the things that’s happening anymore in this world it was great and the instructors was pretty awesome They knew what they was talking about and if you needed help they helped you.
Benjamin Kohlhaas
Benjamin K.
21:35 11 Nov 19
Julian Suriel
Julian S.
17:21 11 Nov 19
I..learn from them a lot...thanks
Justin Green
Justin G.
02:18 11 Nov 19
Took this class several years ago and it was the best decision I’ve made! Everything about it was awesome and I regularly recommended it to anyone I can.
Iain Johns
Iain J.
13:06 10 Nov 19
The CCW training at Armed2Defend exceeded my expectations. The staff and Instructors were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. In addition, the curriculum was relevant and engaging. I had a blast and absolutely benefited by attending this course. I definitely intend on coming back for refresher trainings and other courses. Armed2Defend thank you so much!
Gary Fullen
Gary F.
23:46 07 Nov 19
They train you good & teach you about your rights & about your gun if you are new to iy
Tim Barrage
Tim B.
00:20 04 Nov 19
Knowledgeable. Professional, and complete training.
Mike Corona
Mike C.
12:54 03 Nov 19
Very well put together course with excellent instructor. Very engaging and thought provoking experience, worth every penny. Way above and beyond the minimum requirements.
Ernest C. Higginbotham
Ernest C. H.
02:00 03 Nov 19
Richard Montgomery
Richard M.
22:53 30 Oct 19
Great instructors, good courses to take. Affordable and fun also.
Beverly Roumph
Beverly R.
17:19 27 Oct 19
Great training, it's up to me practice and get familiar with my weapon.
Darien Barker
Darien B.
16:29 27 Oct 19
Larry Potter
Larry P.
21:39 25 Oct 19
Doing a great job to promote responsible gun ownership with everyone that will listen!
14:00 25 Oct 19
Great place to train! I have gone on to become an a RSO and other NRA and Non NRA programs including youth intro to rifle sponsored in part by a grant from the ODNR.
Kristie Kiphart
Kristie K.
23:40 23 Oct 19
Good Instructor
sharon fritz
sharon F.
17:14 23 Oct 19
I would recommend this class to anyone who is a first-time gun owner. All my questions were answered, I was put at ease, the class was conducted in a professional manner with excellent training materials and videos. Kevin and his staff were professional and enthusiastic regarding the successful completion of the class and all the steps involved in safe gun ownership, handling and obtaining a CCW. I appreciated the patience that was shown to me during class and first-time exposure to a firing range. After taking the class I feel confident that I would be able to do whatever was required during an actual emergency or threat because situations (and laws) that I had never considered were brought up discussed and well covered during this class. Many thanks to Kevin Sadeski his family and staff. Armed 2Defend is a first-class operation.
james clayborne
james C.
22:24 22 Oct 19
02:07 18 Oct 19
Great class, content was appropriate for all skill levels. Highly recommended.
Sarah Hatcher
Sarah H.
18:26 16 Oct 19
Great class at a reasonable price. All gun owners should take this class.
lee bartelt
lee B.
20:51 15 Oct 19
Great folks and program. Whether you're an old pro or new to firearms entirely A2D has something for you. An easy recommendation. Two thumbs up.
11:18 15 Oct 19
First of all I would like to say if anyone is interested carry a concealed license this is the place to start ! They are super funny and friendly people and would recommend anybody to go here if they have no or little experience with guns!
bryan horn
bryan H.
00:43 04 Oct 19
Fred Slater
Fred S.
18:00 01 Oct 19
The concealed carry class was engaging and informative for a complete novice like myself. The experience at the range was great, too, especially the opportunity to try a wide variety of guns. Instructors were patient and professional. Highly recommend.
Keith Thomas
Keith T.
23:54 30 Sep 19
Great day of learning the rules and laws for conceal carrying. This class was filled with great knowledge when it came to conceal carrying and firing a weapon. It would make you think twice before you plan to pull the trigger. I recommend taking this class!!
Ralph North
Ralph N.
18:34 30 Sep 19
The instructors are the best .the shooting range was great I enjoyed everyabout Armed2defend every one wanting a permit to carry should go there. Ralph North
Luis Angel Morales
Luis Angel M.
09:02 30 Sep 19
Great class and also nice people
Dave Barlow
Dave B.
12:23 29 Sep 19
Excellent training, excellent people, have used and will continue to use for all of my training!
Ed Blaire
Ed B.
12:47 28 Sep 19
Excellent course and supervised time at the range!
Kevin A Whittemore
Kevin A W.
00:09 27 Sep 19
Kevin and his team are very professional and helpful. I learned quite a bit about carrying concealed and would highly recommend them for the training to receive your ccw license
Lisa Price
Lisa P.
19:43 26 Sep 19
My husband and I took this class recently. I have never handled a gun so, my goal was to learn as much as I could about gun safety and get some experience with shooting a gun. The class was very informative, the instructors were awesome, and my husband and I were very impressed overall. We will be looking to take advantage of their other offerings!
Dave Radia
Dave R.
11:51 24 Sep 19
I work weekends and almost every range were teaching on the weekends. I was out of my time for Vacation etc to use. This range does not easily come up when you Google. After Googling for several days I came across this Range. I thought it was online by the name but it was in class. It was in a weekday Thursday which is my off day. I went there and the first person I met is his wife who is energetic and she loves guns. The whole family was very welcoming. Kevin a handsome guy was awesome in teaching the material and knowledge he held. I love you Kevin. This one place is highly recommended. I felt so comfortable being LGBT as they are so welcoming.
Ahmed Sulkaan
Ahmed S.
20:11 22 Sep 19
I was always afraid of guns but Armed2Defend instructors changed my perspectives about guns. It was awesome class and I gained language. Thanks to Kevin, Staci, Alisha and all the instructors.
John Smith
John S.
16:46 22 Sep 19
Excellent class!! As an Army war veteran, I was surprised to see so many veterans in the class. The instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable on the subjects being taught. I highly recommend the class. Also, I highly recommend paying the extra $30 to shoot the many weapons that they have available. Good job guys!
Rachel Bright
Rachel B.
11:57 20 Sep 19
Roger Mace
Roger M.
20:44 19 Sep 19
Chris Zaker
Chris Z.
17:05 18 Sep 19
Outstanding class taught by a crew of very knowledgeable instructors!
Steve Jones
Steve J.
15:55 16 Sep 19
All of the staff are very kind, helpful, and informative. Kevin and his wife keep the material fun and interesting, which is important for a full day in class. I can honestly not come up with one complaint in my experience. Will most definitely become a repeat customer. Keep up the great work!
Sharonda Sindel
Sharonda S.
12:20 16 Sep 19
Well put together; kind people yet serious and passionate about what they do and helping people learn to shoot and shoot well; comfortable environment; thoroughly explained what was going on; worth it.
Ed Johnson
Ed J.
10:20 15 Sep 19
Had a great time! Instructors keep it moving and make it fun
John Brown
John B.
00:53 15 Sep 19
Awesome instructors!! Very informative! This was a Great class!!
Charles Crutcher
Charles C.
22:21 12 Sep 19
Great class. Fast paced and interesting, so the day flew by.
Susan Hannan
Susan H.
00:46 12 Sep 19
Ryan Corbett
Ryan C.
13:52 11 Sep 19
Elenora Sanford
Elenora S.
21:00 06 Sep 19
Glenn Ferguson
Glenn F.
04:51 06 Sep 19
Very experienced staff, interesting training, highly recommend for anyone beginner or beyond.
Cayleb noneofyourbuisness
Cayleb N.
16:05 03 Sep 19
If you're looking for a great reliable place to get education and training on your concealed carry license I highly recommend going to this place. They treat you really respectively and they are filled with great staff and great people all around it doesn't matter who you are no matter what you do here you will always have a great experience as I did. I highly recommend armed2defend if you are going to take your concealed carry class or any other classes of that matter like Advanced pistol training ect.
Michael Malcolm
Michael M.
15:07 01 Sep 19
Great CCW class! Instructors were very upbeat and made the class was very fun and informative. They offer all different levels to the class depending where you are at. I recommend this class to all my family, friends and anyone looking for a great CCW class. Thank you for doing an outstanding job!! Keep up the good work. M Malcolm
Fred Kipp
Fred K.
22:43 31 Aug 19
Really great learning experience! Kevin and Stacy and the whole crew were great!
Beanz Byu
Beanz B.
03:03 31 Aug 19
Edward swaggerty
Edward S.
20:35 30 Aug 19
Awesome experience with Armed2Defend I have had my ccw for quite a while now this is the best place to get ur ccw and if u have any questions they will do there best to answer them for u as well trust me I call them when ever I have a question and they're always here for me thanks Armed2Defend
Chelsea Ray
Chelsea R.
15:41 28 Aug 19
The staff are awesome, very helpful .. The in class part went by fast and range time was fun... I was a beginner at shooting and they worked with me hands on in using the gun I purchased before attending the class... I would recommend Armed2Defend to others looking to get there CCW or just to practice shooting in general !!!! Thanks again guys
Andrew Edwards
Andrew E.
04:03 24 Aug 19
Ken Weekley
Ken W.
19:11 19 Aug 19
My wife and I went through the armed to defend conceal carry class. We were both very impressed with the professionalism of all the instructors and staff the admin staff handled and managed all paperwork needed and made sure we we prepared for the class all the instructors were outstanding the materials were taught with clarity and precision. The shooting range was outstanding with safety the most important topic. We are proud to give a 5STAR rating to the professional organization
destiny morris
destiny M.
20:10 17 Aug 19
Sean Moore
Sean M.
21:26 15 Aug 19
Kevin is great. I am all about safety and education. This program was spot on.
Bob Zaayer
Bob Z.
18:08 15 Aug 19
00:47 15 Aug 19
Instructors were knowledgeable and answered all questions. The class was a mix of people attending. From the beginners to the well versed in gun handling. However all learned and benefited from the class. IMO, we had plenty of range time before test that was well supervised and safe for all. Glad I choose Ared2Defend.
Shana Stewart
Shana S.
22:06 09 Aug 19
Tammy Donaldson
Tammy D.
13:52 01 Aug 19
Robin Sigmon
Robin S.
11:16 01 Aug 19
Not you average hours at the range, you learn how to draw from a holster quickly and get your target acquired fast. Takes you out of your comfort zone and you walk away feeling like you can handle your gun better.
03:41 01 Aug 19
Troy Clagg
Troy C.
12:36 30 Jul 19
My wife and I attended the class she was a beginner and i was a little more advanced but the class helped us both a great deal. You really don't realize what you don't know until you take a course like this. It is very informative, professional and safe group of trainers. I would recommend any and everyone to take their course.
Dwayne Spence
Dwayne S.
12:43 29 Jul 19
Took the course several years ago and found them to be very thorough and knowledgeable in every aspect of gun handling safety and training.
Sherry Lynn Chaffin
Sherry Lynn C.
23:23 27 Jul 19
Rich Kellenberger
Rich K.
19:44 26 Jul 19
Paula Doss
Paula D.
13:53 23 Jul 19
Jeanette Jamison
Jeanette J.
13:48 21 Jul 19
Great price, great instructors, great experience. I was 8 months pregnant when I took the CCW class and couldn’t do the shooting portion at that time, but they worked with me and let me make it up at a later date. Thankful for all the A2D staff for their hard work!
james schreiner
james S.
19:57 19 Jul 19
Well taught class and was very informative...
Prophecy Talley
Prophecy T.
18:50 19 Jul 19
Belle Skin Experts
Belle Skin E.
12:23 17 Jul 19
My brother signed me up for the class as a birthday gift! My brother and I attended our class April 27th 2019 and had a wonderful experience. The staff was kind, professional, involved, educated and fun. We have recommended all of our friends and family to Armed2defend. We were so happy we went them.
Priscilla Torres
Priscilla T.
16:03 16 Jul 19
I took a concealed carry course and purchased the package to try out different models of handguns/firearms. The class was informative and the chance to feel what worked for me was perfect for making a decision to purchase a pewpew
lewis whitehead
lewis W.
15:43 12 Jul 19
It was a scary experience being around all those guns but the staff did a good job of keeping everybody cool
Robin Smith
Robin S.
16:36 09 Jul 19
Bruce Ceneskie
Bruce C.
20:20 08 Jul 19
Armed2Defend is an established Concealed Carry training company that has successfully trained many students of all levels of experience. Most of the instructors are military veterans with many years of experience. The range portion is well organized and the instructors enjoy working with the students and ensuring the students get what they need to handle a firearm safely and with confidence.
John Powell
John P.
19:32 07 Jul 19
I recieved my training for CCW instructor at Amed2Defend a few years back which has in turn enabled me to train many Ohio Patriots to carry in self defense including a class with just over 100 students. The instructors were very professional and knowledgeable and conducted an awesome atmosphere to learn a lot. I would recommend this group highly!
Eric Bornschlegl
Eric B.
01:27 06 Jul 19
Ed Fodrea
Ed F.
16:27 01 Jul 19
julius chambers
julius C.
03:39 30 Jun 19
Excellent people making America safe and protecting our community God bless wish I could be on the range ...
paris Cumberland
paris C.
19:20 29 Jun 19
Very happy with the training and experience all together. I recommend Armed2Defend to everyone!
Justin Reuter
Justin R.
14:22 29 Jun 19
Yllen Keahla
Yllen K.
00:46 28 Jun 19
Thomas Giusti
Thomas G.
22:39 27 Jun 19
I took the Concealed Carry Class several years, ago. It was a great learning experience. The instructors treated us kindly and courteously. The range was a great experience. I do not understand how foolishly our state legislature is acting in it's proposal to give "carte blanche" authority to Ohio residents to carry without training and without full understanding of the law. More recently, I sent my wife and daughter to your school.
Kelly Clark
Kelly C.
18:42 27 Jun 19
I found the experience to be very professional and informative. The instructors were great and took time with my wife as she had very little experience on a formal setting range. The classroom time was spot on and the legal information great. I would recommend Armed2Defend to anyone serious about how to defend yourself legally.
Solo God
Solo G.
23:42 26 Jun 19
Great class and great instructors.
Jack Bartholomew
Jack B.
14:06 25 Jun 19
I've been a gun owner and hunter all my life, but I learned so much from Kevin and his instructors in the CCW course. It helped me correct some of those 'old' habits that I'd grown up with. This organization is high quality, and worthy of utmost respect.
Melissa Huff
Melissa H.
13:31 20 Jun 19
educators are patient with beginners.humorous and kind....obvious dedication and enjoyment of teaching others to be safe, competent, and prepared. treat every one with the same dignity, respect, consideration, humility, and humor. encouraged participation makes class fun and welcoming and you'll want it to be your "defense learning home". worth every penny.
Jay Rome
Jay R.
20:57 19 Jun 19
Was the best Class I've ever been so far.
Marc Salvatini
Marc S.
13:48 17 Jun 19
Best Firearms Training in Central Ohio
Jon Hall
Jon H.
17:43 15 Jun 19
Spent the day with my Daughter NRA Pistol cerificatiom course. The course was well done from Legal information to basic Pistol training. Staff was friendly and well trained both in the classroom. And on the range. Would recommend this course to anyone looking to get the CCW.
John Abbott
John A.
03:18 15 Jun 19
Friendly and Knowledgeable
Gary Shifflet
Gary S.
20:00 13 Jun 19
Professional training!
Anthony Wilson
Anthony W.
01:04 10 Jun 19
I highly recommend using Armed2Defend for the CCW training requirement. The classroom and range instruction are high quality. Very knowledgeable trainers!
David Hazelbaker
David H.
00:47 09 Jun 19
Class was very enjoyable and range was a blast. Instructors were informative and had really approachable way about them. It is still mostly class time so you sit most of the day but they have figured out a way to make it enjoyable and fun.No matter what, you will walk out feeling like you learned what you are supposed to know and feel that you enjoyed yourself while doing it. I will be going back for some of their other classes to higher my education and train up more.
Jen Shirkey
Jen S.
01:00 07 Jun 19
Class was entertaining and very informative! The Instructors we’re also very friendly and helpful T the shooting range. I would highly recommend Armed2defend to obtain your CCW!
Darian Parden
Darian P.
21:35 04 Jun 19
Great place to take your CHL class. Great instructors who are willing to help and teach everything you need to know about everyday carry to what can/could happen if a self defense situation occurs.
Patrick Henderson
Patrick H.
20:48 03 Jun 19
Me and my wife was so excited to get our ccw class done on a week day and the instructors gave great knowledge from beginning to end. The attorney part helped me a lot.. Give me a much better understanding of the ccw laws. Price was very affordable and would definitely recommend this class to my friends and family...
Dewayne Riley
Dewayne R.
21:38 02 Jun 19
Dwayne Spence
Dwayne S.
13:00 31 May 19
Haze Blaze
Haze B.
19:09 25 May 19
eduardo biffi
eduardo B.
19:16 24 May 19
Every step was easy and I had someone to ask questions if I needed. Friendly and informative staff. Had a great time at the range with the instructors.
Connie Ward Scott
Connie Ward S.
23:46 23 May 19
Great instructors & very helpful!!! Very helpful Highly recommend Armed2Defend!!!!😁
Bil Gilcrest
Bil G.
01:54 15 May 19
Excellent course work.great training program,with range masters well qualified to help,in whatever is required by the the person qualifying.
Marc Salvatini
Marc S.
13:27 11 May 19
Armed2Defend is one of best firms that train on carry concealed as well as all NRA firearms levels as well as Range officers and Safety officers. Their private rang is a nice facility to shoot at and their instructors have th patience of Job. Excellent Central Ohio facility and enterprise. When completing the CCW class and applying for the permit, they take the extra step of helping you secure one for AZ (for Ohio residents) so you can carry legally in all States that allow it and don't have to worry about Ohio having reciprocity. Kevin and his team are the best.
James Clayton
James C.
04:08 10 May 19
Great ccw classes the instructors are very helpful and patient with all different levels of experience. The range that they have is also great. I recommend all who ask to use armed2defend. I have not had an opportunity to take advantage of the other classes that are available but from what I see as I follow them is very good so I recommend that if you want a great program and feel confident in your gun handling skills to take any if not all of the courses available. The more you learn and practice the better prepared you will be if you should need to protect yourself and family. I thank you A2D for the knowledge and I will continue to train when I get to AZ.
Brinda Arnold
Brinda A.
23:27 08 May 19
The most professional and thorough CCW classes out there. Kevin and the crew teach you everything you need to know and things you didn’t know you needed to know! Highly recommend!
Steve Wolfarth
Steve W.
22:50 08 May 19
My wife and I took the Armed2Defend Concealed Carry course on the recommendation of a friend and we are very happy we did. The class was conducted in a professional manner and we were encouraged to participate with questions and comments. The use of the private range was a plus and we encourage anyone contemplating taking a Concealed Carry course or other firearms skills classes to contact Armed2Defend.
Doug Childs
Doug C.
18:26 08 May 19
Very professional and thorough instruction. Safe and efficient range facility. Highly recommend this company for new and experienced shooters.
david bisutti
david B.
16:46 07 May 19
I've been a tin can and target shooter since I was 10 and you pickup a lot of unsafe bad habits in that time. It took Armed2Defend to point them out and show me the correct ways. The experience without doubt made me a safer and batter gun owner and shot. Thank you.
Debi Blair
Debi B.
19:58 06 May 19
Great staff. Great environment. Great experience all the way around. Would recommend as the only choice in Central Ohio!
javaughn Ingram
javaughn I.
14:55 06 May 19
Aaron Miller
Aaron M.
16:51 05 May 19
Bj Blair
Bj B.
14:59 05 May 19
Thanks for everything...Great instructors, the best content, best value...by far the best value for CCW in Central Ohio!
Shannon Marie
Shannon M.
23:24 04 May 19
Great experience. Staff was friendly, helpful, and very organized. I feel a lot better about concealing/handling my weapon. Alisha took out time to show us some holsters and had great suggestions.
Lee Robinson
Lee R.
03:28 03 May 19
Great class, instructors know their stuff!
Robert Klein
Robert K.
20:01 29 Apr 19
Jonn Connett
Jonn C.
13:19 29 Apr 19
Tyler Harris
Tyler H.
22:03 27 Apr 19
Excellent experience. 10/10
Carl F Rollins
Carl F R.
15:46 23 Apr 19
Had a great learning experience
Sabrina Seals
Sabrina S.
00:09 22 Apr 19
Marc Maynard
Marc M.
23:14 20 Apr 19
great class for a great price range time was good as well
Buckeye Pets
Buckeye P.
20:23 14 Apr 19
I highly recommend this business if you are searching for a great place that takes the time to help you with learning how to do it accurately .
Tim Gribben
Tim G.
23:56 12 Apr 19
Ken Place
Ken P.
22:08 12 Apr 19
Great guys very professional.
Mike Yonnotti
Mike Y.
19:23 12 Apr 19
Comprehensive and personal attention. Everything a course like this should be.
Tina McAfee
Tina M.
17:46 12 Apr 19
Lonnie Williams
Lonnie W.
13:35 12 Apr 19
very nice and professional enviroment
mohamed kouma
mohamed K.
00:59 10 Apr 19
This place very good
Felicia Levy
Felicia L.
23:06 06 Apr 19
This place is amazing! the instructors worked hands on with everyone though the whole training class. I was scared at first but they made me feel so confident in the training it was a great experience. I would give this place a 10 star if I could! Great job
Remington Robey
Remington R.
15:49 05 Apr 19
Armed2Defend was great. Their classes were interactive and kept me engaged. I look forward to taking more classes with them in the future.
Paula Doss
Paula D.
13:37 31 Mar 19
Fun and informative, everyone there is professional but friendly. I would recommend them to anyone serious about protecting themselves! Thank you guys!!!
Susan Zemba
Susan Z.
21:54 30 Mar 19
Awesome class. Instructors are very knowledgeable. Great for all skill levels.
Lewis Garver
Lewis G.
12:43 30 Mar 19
Great people to learn from.
Pilot Magdy Ali
Pilot Magdy A.
16:23 28 Mar 19
Very professional
CandyMoreaux Thompson
CandyMoreaux T.
22:56 26 Mar 19
Austin Sienkiewicz
Austin S.
17:01 26 Mar 19
Jasmine Bridges
Jasmine B.
18:56 22 Mar 19
Definitely teaches you everything you need to know ! Very educational class !! Well worth it very professional and it wasn’t a boring class they definitely made my worth while !!!
Shaundell Miles
Shaundell M.
17:52 18 Mar 19
Words cannot express my gratitude for this awesome team of instructors. Everyone was professional and extremely safe. The amount of information and knowledge given and offered is worth far more than the asking price. I couldn’t have chosen a better group of instructors to teach me.
Mike Bollinger
Mike B.
05:33 18 Mar 19
Totally awesome Instructors and class time.
Amber Harrison Winnestaffer
Amber Harrison W.
02:20 17 Mar 19
Absolutely amazing!! Great experience and so much good information. Would definitely recommend 🤗
Chrishelle Hamilton
Chrishelle H.
02:07 17 Mar 19
Took my class today great instructors along with LOTS of learning experience . I recommend them to any & everyone 🤞🏾
Jonathan Heide
Jonathan H.
13:55 10 Mar 19
the knowledge and presentation was amazing. it all really helped me to get a better understanding. I really enjoyed Stacy and his Jokes. that made it more fun easy to follow. My instructor was super helpful in understanding the workings of my gun and how to better handle it properly and safely. I am pleased though i wish i had a little more one on one time. Everything was great though. Keep it up. I will recommend you guys all day!
02:24 10 Mar 19
Took the class with Kevin before he even had the covered range, 8 years ago! He was great then and has only gotten bigger and better. Had the honor of watching my Son follow in my footsteps and take the class today. Watching Jeff Scudder’s intermediate range facilitation was awesome! Excellent work and Highly Recommend! In fact, looking for advance training right after this review!
13:28 09 Mar 19
Great bunch of people! Lots of different trainings available. Jeff Scudder is one of the Lead Defensive Instructors, in my opinion he might be one of the best in the country! By the time you leave your session--you retain the phenomenal training techniques! Life Changing.
Kamal Seidu
Kamal S.
19:41 08 Mar 19
The instructors were great. Answered any and all questions, gave very valuable information. They take gun safety very serious which is important. Overall great experience i will always recommend.
14:17 08 Mar 19
My CCW class was too notch .Well organized with plenty of instructor on the range .I would recommend Armed2Defend to anyone.
Sam H.
Sam H.
05:34 08 Mar 19
Mamadeya Ahmed
Mamadeya A.
05:19 08 Mar 19
Tiffany Decoux
Tiffany D.
03:32 08 Mar 19
I loved this class it was very informative and the people were helpful and lunch was great 😜but aside from that it really helped me be more comfortable with my gun and after the class when you go the the gun range there gun range it was just as good and the people there were just as helpful...... I loved it and I would definitely recommend them
01:59 08 Mar 19
Very well organized, no wasted time at all. Classes are very informative and the time goes past quickly. But my favorite part of the day was the range time. The instructor had plenty of tips and insight. They also had some great practice drills for future range time. I highly recommend Armed2defend and will go back for more classes in the future.
David Donohoe
David D.
01:52 08 Mar 19
keith garner
keith G.
23:55 07 Mar 19
Excellent experience would and have recommended them to friends and family
23:47 07 Mar 19
Leantwan Robertson
Leantwan R.
00:25 07 Mar 19
Took the ccw class today with Armed 2 Defend and I couldn’t suggest any one better love the class and how open eared they are and will to take all questions and make sure we not only know the safety of concealing a weapon but knowing your rights and what todo if you have use your firearms
Bryan Horn
Bryan H.
19:57 04 Mar 19
The instructors were very informative. They do a great job of keeping the mood light and somewhat entertaining. And the talk from Ken the Attourney is very good. Not to mention the sheriffs office said they are one of the best.
Andrew Molter
Andrew M.
23:36 27 Feb 19
I loved the class! Great people! Great experience!
Angus Ralston
Angus R.
23:24 24 Feb 19
Excellent program with emphasis on legal responsibilities.
Jaime Straight
Jaime S.
21:58 24 Feb 19
My husband and I both took our class yesterday. The instructors are amazing. It's not some boring fall asleep class. The added aspect of a presentation from a lawyer who knows Ohio firearm laws AND is an NRA instructor is a great bonus. Thank you Stacy and Glenn for making our experience a good one and answering our questions and being patient with us!
Eddie Serrano
Eddie S.
20:20 23 Feb 19
There are good people and good companies I recommend this armed2defend and I was fun
Tarik Meziane
Tarik M.
14:41 20 Feb 19
Friendly, professional, and extremely knowledgeable that will deliver a great experience!
Jason Barham
Jason B.
18:55 17 Feb 19
Great training, very thorough. Can't beat the price for what you receive. Instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Will be coming back for advanced training. Kevin and his staff are awesome.
Joe Vimmerstedt
Joe V.
18:35 17 Feb 19
Great class. Great instruction. Definitely want to get more instruction and take more classes.
Abdikey Abukar
Abdikey A.
15:46 17 Feb 19
It was very good choice going to themFor my ccw. They are polite and they know what they doing.
Joseph Eddy
Joseph E.
01:17 07 Feb 19
Great atmosphere and safe throughout. They had enough instruction for one on one learning. Great job guys!
Kelly Monroe
Kelly M.
23:49 06 Feb 19
Small class on a weekday made it very personal and friendly. I had a good time!
Jacques McCoy
Jacques M.
05:31 22 Jan 19
Great instructor an very knowledgeable!
Amber Scott
Amber S.
19:03 20 Jan 19
Very knowledgeable instructors. The instructor has greatly interacted with all the students at the range and classroom. Great for beginner to expert. The drive to the range is short. The range nice and covered and pretty warm considering it was just covered range. You will laugh, learn and meet great people and learn so much. One of the few classes that have an attorney to teach you the laws.
Jermaine Ford
Jermaine F.
13:23 20 Jan 19
Fun class, easy to understand, no pressure, very relaxed very knowledgable of their training, patient, friendy, and affordable price.
Kim Campbell
Kim C.
19:26 14 Jan 19
It is worth the money to attain knowledge of the rules and ramifications of conceal and carry law also the shooting range time was fun. Glad I did this.
Lashae Wells
Lashae W.
01:37 10 Jan 19
Daniel Clark
Daniel C.
19:55 04 Jan 19
Kevin and his staff are amazing. He is very knowledgeable on giving you the right info so that you feel safe and stay out out trouble. They have a great attorney that comes in and speaks for a hour to info you of the dos and donts. Would definetly recommend anyone looking to getting der CCW to come here. Not to mention if you go to franklin county sheriff to get your licence the staff knows kevin and speaks highly of him....
Eric Jackson
Eric J.
22:37 31 Dec 18
My wife, mother-in-law and myself all greatly enjoyed the class and the day. We were especially happy with attorney Ken's law presentation. He makes you think about things most won't realize are factors in self-defense with a weapon. Stacy was entertaining as heck in the classroom and outstanding on the range. I feel like I learned a lot in both the lecture and especially on the range.For anyone considering the course, if you have your own firearm, bring it! If you are familiar with it, you can get the "Intermediate Instruction" instead of the beginner. If you don't own one, they'll provide one for you that is easy to handle. It's a great first step in learning what you must do to save your own life. I am now looking into the other classes they have to offer so I can further improve my self-defense abilities!Again, I truly enjoyed the class, and appreciate the effort Armed2Defend has put into making the process of getting the CHL as smooth and pain-free as possible.
Hassane hassane
Hassane H.
03:58 03 Dec 18
So nice people thank you so much
16:21 27 Nov 18
One of the best handgun courses ever!!! The instructors are very knowledgeable
Tim Shaw
Tim S.
01:18 26 Nov 18
Outstanding training. Legal instruction by Attorney who knows the ccw law.
Chuck Warrix
Chuck W.
16:54 23 Nov 18
I took the CCW class almost two years ago. Since then, my wife and two of our friends have taken the class as well. I have and will continue to recommend Armed2Defend to anyone interested in getting their CCW. As others have mentioned, Ken's legal presentation is top notch and helps to get you in the right mindset for carrying on a regular basis. He hits a lot of the main areas that get people into trouble. The entire staff of trainers and range officers were very friendly and helpful.If you look hard enough you 'might' find a class cheaper somewhere else, or maybe somebody your buddy's uncle's friend knows said he'd certify you cheap. Why skimp on something so important? I doubt you will find better training anywhere in central Ohio even if you paid more. The state requires 12 hours of instruction, so you might as well make it count. You will learn something regardless of your experience level. The legal presentation alone is worth the price.
Crystal Schrik
Crystal S.
01:58 21 Nov 18
Awesome experience! Would definitely recommend taking your CCW class at Armed2Defend or any of there other classes. Very friendly and experienced instructors.
Marcus Ramsey
Marcus R.
00:50 14 Nov 18
Brad Reynolds
Brad R.
02:42 12 Nov 18
very knowledgeable and safety oriented... learned alot and look forward to learning more
01:12 12 Nov 18
Very knowledgeable and also great at explaining and demonstrating safety procedures and techniques. Also good with interacting with the students
brad reynolds
brad R.
14:17 11 Nov 18
Very good class , instructors were very knowledgeable and very safety oriented. Had a great time and learned alot. Thank you all for the great day of learning !!
Wildflower Poet
Wildflower P.
23:54 07 Nov 18
I received my CCW after attending their class 6 years ago, and I was satisfied with the knowledge and experience I gained through Armed2Defend.... I took my mom for her 60th birthday present this past July☺ The worlds getting a little crazier everyday..got to make sure she is safe!My 25 year old daughter is next!
Matt Tennant
Matt T.
16:42 06 Nov 18
Great instructors plus learning Ohio Conceal carry laws.
Dustin Roe
Dustin R.
00:45 04 Nov 18
Received my CHL certificate from Armed2defend today. It was a wonderful experience. I learned so much and had a lot of fun!! All the instructors and staff were so friendly and knowledgeable. Definitely will be back for some more training!!
Daniel Jones
Daniel J.
21:10 02 Nov 18
I have taken both the concealed carry course and the NRA pistol qualification course. The instructors have always been professional and always strive for a safe fun experience for all shooters. I highly recommend this program for anyone looking to get a ccw or just tightening your shooting groups.
Emmett Schmidt
Emmett S.
18:09 01 Nov 18
Great instructors great place to get training
joe adams
joe A.
16:02 30 Oct 18
Keith McGinnis
Keith M.
13:58 28 Oct 18
Sarah Anne Savoy
Sarah Anne S.
11:54 26 Oct 18
Lashica W
Lashica W
11:42 17 Oct 18
The whole experience was GREAT! A wonderful learning experience.The instructor's were nice and full of knowledge...very helpful. Also I'd like to mention a guy name Glen (instructor at the range), he was very patient and kind. The whole team was great and I highly recommend this group.
job search
job S.
22:01 16 Oct 18
good class. learned a lot. glad I took it here.
15:59 27 Sep 18
Alex Malapsina
Alex M.
12:21 27 Sep 18
George Clark
George C.
18:55 26 Sep 18
Very informative staff was great well presented kept me interested and involved in the process. Planning to take more classes.
Daniel Jones
Daniel J.
15:37 26 Sep 18
Lyle Henderson
Lyle H.
13:21 26 Sep 18
Robin Egginger
Robin E.
10:01 25 Sep 18
Kevin made this a fun learning experience, not dull and boring. The range was covered and that was very nice. The range instructors were very helpful and understanding. Thanks for the great experience.
William C Antoniak
William C A.
02:54 23 Sep 18
Awesome class! I learned SO much, both in the classroom and on the range. I would recommend this class to anyone! They are very professional, and are very knowledgeable. I had an awesome experience today, and hope to continue learning all that I can! See you the next time!
Ryan Williams
Ryan W.
23:14 17 Sep 18
Fantastic class. Wonderful instructors that are passionate about make an informative, and thorough experience.
Tim McCall
Tim M.
16:37 05 Sep 18
Awesome class. Great instructors. I would definitely recommend. We always tell anyone interesting in getting their CHL to get it from Kevin and Armed2Defend
Timothy Shaw
Timothy S.
14:51 26 Aug 18
Outstanding CCW Course and Instructors.
Mark Davis
Mark D.
09:38 23 Aug 18
This team is professional do not overpay for your CCW. Armed2Defend is the real deal. I can't recommend them enough.
timothy driscoll
timothy D.
14:45 20 Aug 18
Aaron Simpson
Aaron S.
19:05 06 Aug 18
It was a great class I would recommend it to anyone!
Alan Matteson
Alan M.
22:52 04 Aug 18
Good instructors. Helpful when it comes to questions. Learned a lot of new things on the legal and shooting portions. Definitely would recommend.
Phil Knopp
Phil K.
01:53 29 Jul 18
Mike Wood
Mike W.
13:55 25 Jul 18
Great class, best thing is they have staff for each part of the process. They have a class instructor, legal expert, and guys on the range. This set up is great due to the fact that you don't have some jack of all trades trying to do it all.
Kaylee Renea Harrow
Kaylee Renea H.
23:24 24 Jul 18
Very professional and very helpful. I was nervous about attending this since I have no experience with a firearm at all. I had a great time and feel more comfortable with a gun now and will continue to take classes on defense with a firearm.
Adrian Jones
Adrian J.
16:34 09 Jul 18
First impression’s mean a lot... I will never forget this one!!!
Lynda Verbance
Lynda V.
03:46 09 Jul 18
Top notch instruction! I highly recommend this company. I took my CCW class through them and then followed up and joined a women’s pistol group once a month. I absolutely love it!!!
Alexis Lilly
Alexis L.
01:35 08 Jul 18
Very professional and it was a very fun class. I LOVED the fact that they were very BIG on safety, especially since this was my first time using and firing a firearm. They make sure that you are comfortable and confident while handling the firearm and that your aim is on point. Definitely recommend this course!!!
Tara Austyn Walker-Green
Tara Austyn W.
22:57 30 Jun 18
I just finished the basic pistol class needed for a CHL and it was amazing. The instructors were so helpful and answered all questions that I had (no matter how silly they were). The range instructors were just as awesome and made me feel very comfortable with shooting (this was only my third time shooting a gun). I highly recommend buying the pistol sampler package for anyone who is looking into buying their own hand gun. It’s only $35 and I got to shoot about 18 different guns to see what I liked and didn’t like. I feel much more confident about going and purchasing a firearm now that I have an idea about how specific ones shoot. I can’t wait to try one of their Women’s Pistol Group this summer!
Brandon Moreo
Brandon M.
17:53 19 Jun 18
Stacey was fantastic in class and at the range. If you have had some training with your gun I highly recommend doing the intermediate shooting during the shooting portion of the concealed carry training it is fun, you get a good training on reacting fast and being put under pressure by the instructor. Great experience getting the glasses done plus it’s a great price compared to the other places.
Julie Wright
Julie W.
01:53 14 Jun 18
Best class and people you can find. (and they have a working German Shepard thats to die for...Beautiful dog! ) Top quality people here.....
Angus MacKenzie
Angus M.
02:49 13 Jun 18
James Bloedel
James B.
17:26 27 May 18
Dean E Boucher
Dean E B.
11:22 16 May 18
Had a great class yesterday. They really take the time to go through it all. The instructors are great and I gained a lot of information from this class. If you are new to the world of shooting they will help you get started. Your intermediate they will push you on the Range for you to feel what it's like to shoot under stress. For you new people just remember the only dumb question is the one not asked because they will give you an answer to any of them.
patrick pallos
patrick P.
19:38 29 Apr 18
Jayleigh Jones
Jayleigh J.
00:01 29 Apr 18
Excellent instruction material, very friendly and knowledgeable instructors, extremely safe range. The class was large, but there were more than enough range instructors to provide personal attention. No wonder Armed2Defend is top rated! I'm so glad my husband and I chose them to get our CHL certificate. We both had a great time!
nick pierce
nick P.
16:03 28 Apr 18
I attended the Armed2Defend carry class in March of '18. Signup and payment online was painless. Class availability was also plentiful with multiple dates open. Upon arrival the day got off to a good start. My personal folder was prepared with all of my class materials. Instructors took our "passport" photographs prior to class beginning and had them printed for us by the end of the day. Instructors were knowledgeable and did a nice jobof keeping the class moving. The classroom material is basic and will be 2nd nature if you're at all familiar with handguns. The legal portion of the class was informative but unfortunately for us the lawyer was recovering from an injury and we watched a recording of a prior session. Good information also provided around USCCA, NRA, and handgun accessories (safes, holsters, etc). I had the pleasure of shooting at the range under the direction of Jeff Scudder and he was top notch!! Jeff's attn to detail and instruction was above and beyond. He led the "advanced" shooters and was intense, thorough, and extremely personable. I'd recommend these guys if you're in the market for getting your certificate for a concealed handgun permit. Painless process and well organized from beginning to end.
Cheri McCoy Devors
Cheri McCoy D.
01:51 15 Apr 18
The instructors took their time to ensure I was ready. So glad I chose Amrmed2defend as I'm armed with all the information needed for my CHL.
Darryl Corcoran
Darryl C.
01:47 10 Apr 18
Had a great time...great instructors and staff with a lot of knowledge...and the law portion was a good benefit of the class...will refer other people...thanks for the experience!!!
Danny Jancewicz
Danny J.
23:10 08 Apr 18
Alex Storm
Alex S.
15:38 08 Apr 18
ARMED2DEFEND is the Best 5 Star quality CCW Training you can get, go ahead check it out for yourself. I had A Great Time at ARMED2DEFEND You will Love it Just as I Did. Thanks again to All the Instructors at ARMED2DEFEND for A Great Time in the Class and at The Shooting Range.
james nolen
james N.
14:42 08 Apr 18
Absolutely great people that put this class on. Thank you guys so much
Jovanny Duran
Jovanny D.
22:13 07 Apr 18
Terrence Boss T Nelson
Terrence Boss T N.
13:21 07 Apr 18
Cathryn Schissler
Cathryn S.
18:47 04 Apr 18
We felt very welcomed, a lot of great information. *Stacy Duncan is an amazing instructor.
Stressy Poo
Stressy P.
04:13 02 Apr 18
I took this class and I enjoyed it. Instructor are nice n knowledgeable. Get ya ccw while u still can, it's a crazy world out there.
Andrea Poehler
Andrea P.
21:21 31 Mar 18
Had a great experience here and hope to come back for more classes! They were very informative and made the class fun! I will definitely be recommending my friends and family to come here.
TJ Spurlock
02:17 22 Mar 18
It was my wife's first time ever shooting a pistol and the staff made her feel safe and comfortable. The class was educational even for experienced shooters like myself and you can't beat the price.
Ebony Jenkins
Ebony J.
13:54 18 Mar 18
kody brown
kody B.
11:22 14 Mar 18
My girlfriend and I had a great time in this class! She is a beginner and I’ve been around guns for the majority of my life however we both were able to learn a lot and have fun while doing it. The staff maintains a responsible positive attitude towards the entire process but is not over barring and allows for the student to learn. On top of all that it’s priced very well for the training and for the attention you will receive. 5/5
Shelly Trow
Shelly T.
03:36 14 Mar 18
Fantastic instructors! Great class! Can't thank them enough!
John Mager
John M.
03:29 14 Mar 18
Absolutely amazing. Great people full of knowledge and amazing instructors at the range. I highly suggest Armed2Defend.
Stephen Payne
Stephen P.
03:28 13 Mar 18
Awesome instructors and a great class to take. great law portion as well which isn't standard for most CCW classes. Highly recommend them if your interested in getting your permit. I look forward to going to Kevin to further my training with some of his other classes he offers as well
DJ Lee
22:57 11 Mar 18
I took my class in 2015 and all of the instructors took the training very seroius, in making sure everyone in the class, had the proper training and understand of seriousness, of the responsibility and liability of handling and carrying a loaded gun! I appreciate all the training each instructor provided, while taking the cousre! I'd also like to thank Kevin as the onwner of Armed2Defend, for taking such a personal and serious interest, with every individual in the class! Keep up the great work guys, in providing and helping to protect our 2nd right amendment! Thanks, Don Jarrell
Michael Graham
Michael G.
04:05 11 Mar 18
Excellent place to train, excellent place to take advanced training along with taking the NRA marksmanship program. They have an informed attorney teach part of the CC class. A real tangible asset to understand how the law in Ohio works! Kevin and company are the best at what they do!
Tyler Fultz
Tyler F.
03:06 11 Mar 18
Great staff and instructors . I would suggest this course to anyone seeking their ccw
Mike McMahon
Mike M.
21:19 08 Mar 18
Took the course last year. Super organized and stays on topic! Very informative from all angles to include commentary from an Attorney! Highly recommend! 5/5! My only comment/concern would be the amount of cell phone usage while on the range...eyes and mind should focused on only one thing...just my humble opinion and did not detract from my own experience...
James Jones
James J.
13:58 05 Mar 18
I just took my class 3/3/18 and it was a great time and experience again I would do it over and over again also will suggest it to as many people as possible. Thanks Ken 👍👍👍👍👍 I give it a five star and five thumbs up........
Tia Marsh
Tia M.
03:08 05 Mar 18
Phenomenal course and instructors!! Best Christmas gift ever!!
David Carter
David C.
03:46 04 Mar 18
Very Professional, learned a lot!!! THANK YOU!!!
Rudy PeeWee Callender
Rudy PeeWee C.
08:00 01 Mar 18
Great place to go if you are looking for your ccw
Thadeus walker
Thadeus W.
06:17 28 Feb 18
Aquila Curry
Aquila C.
01:08 28 Feb 18
Ang Slajienne
Ang S.
23:27 27 Feb 18
Chad Herbert
Chad H.
18:55 27 Feb 18
Dennis Lane
Dennis L.
15:18 27 Feb 18
Ra King
Ra K.
14:41 27 Feb 18
Kalescha James
Kalescha J.
15:25 26 Feb 18
I loved this experience! Everyone was so nice, polite very helpful. Definitely a learning experience! I truly enjoyed the whole team class and range. They were great teachers 🤩 Especially Stacy Duncan.💪🏽
Firelord- The Master
Firelord- The M.
15:18 26 Feb 18
Chris Rader
Chris R.
02:03 26 Feb 18
Amy Ross Nash
Amy Ross N.
19:56 25 Feb 18
Bobble Mcgraw
Bobble M.
18:01 25 Feb 18
I had a great time with Stacey and the Armed to defend crew while obtaining my CHL training! I highly recommend you check out these guys first tons of instructors on hand to help and my wife really appreciated the sample package with the class. Thank you A2D
Jon Steckman
Jon S.
17:30 25 Feb 18
Took Kevin's class with my son, both of us are experienced shooters. Kevin's staff are an excellent group of professional's. He gives you all you need to pass the CCL test and the range guys are first rate. Safety is first priority, bar none. You are not safe, you WILL be corrected. The range officer (Stan) in my group was stellar. Excellent advice and no nonsense. Kevin has a First rate attorney that has a long history defending firearm ownership (Ken Hanson) present a basic understanding of CCL & firearms law. It is very informative and you NEED to pay attention, as it is the beginning of understanding the responsibility of CCW. He keeps it interesting and can answer anything. Kevin teaches basics for the beginner, up to advanced training to continue improving how to safely handle a firearm. Overall, wish I could give him 6 or 7 stars. A no frills, very professional firearms training instructor, who I would highly recommend.
Myiah Brown
Myiah B.
16:29 25 Feb 18
The instructors were amazing and they help you every step of the way ...i never held a gun until yesterday now i want to go to the range and get more practice in
AB Ballo
15:54 25 Feb 18
Good and very knowledgeable experience Definitely helpful in knowing about ccw
Brandon Buchert
Brandon B.
15:54 25 Feb 18
DayDay L
DayDay L
02:06 25 Feb 18
Honestly before I went I didn’t know what to expect . I’m a 22yr old “urban” male and didn’t know if there were going to be judgy instructors , uppity people etc. but once I stepped through the doors it all went out the window . It’s literally a mix of every type of person out there . No one is left out , I seen there’s no judgement on how experienced you were, either way they would work to get you where you need to be. The instructors were informative , experienced and willing to answer any and all questions. But also even though this is serious business they made a way to make it enjoyable . I’m pretty knowledgeable with firearms and things of that nature but even with that I learned ALOT . Sometimes even from others in my class asking questions . I don’t usually do reviews but my experience made me feel as if this deserved a review and also to help if anyone feels how I did before attending JUST DO IT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! I never once felt unsafe even with inexperienced shooters around me that’s how good the staff is . If I could 10 stars . Great job guys if I needed to I would do it again . CCW holder for 4 months now . Thanks a lot guys and gals !!!!!!
Nick Norris
Nick N.
23:54 24 Feb 18
Had a good time learning firearm safety in an extremely efficient way. All instruction was clear and concise, and the ratio of instructors to students made me feel safe the entire time on the range.
John Powell
John P.
22:06 23 Feb 18
keith johnson
keith J.
20:32 22 Feb 18
Linda Schengeli
Linda S.
17:18 20 Feb 18
Trakeya Johnson
Trakeya J.
23:45 19 Feb 18
I enjoyed my time there and learn a bit of law as well
Angela Harrison
Angela H.
21:18 19 Feb 18
Michael Shifflet
Michael S.
16:23 19 Feb 18
Great class very. Very simple to schedule around.
Tim Price
Tim P.
15:48 18 Feb 18
Well organized from the time they help you park when you arrive until you receive your certificate. Great instructors including presentation by an attorney. Took intermediate level class on the range which was outstanding. Extremely safety oriented on the range. Learned alot yesterday and glad I chose armed2defend
Mety Seyum
Mety S.
12:13 18 Feb 18
They were very organized, from the parking attendants to the certificate being handed out at the end of the day. It was very informative regarding laws, guns and ammo. They had a lawyer present to answer our questions and explain the CCW laws. I am glad I took the intermediate shooting. Thanks to : George, Kevin,Sonya, Jeff, Roger, Jamie, Attorney Ken Hanson and the rest of the team.
Martin Kaffenbarger
Martin K.
05:51 18 Feb 18
Fantastic class. The legal section is invaluable.
james horton
james H.
20:17 15 Feb 18
Usplurge LLC
Usplurge L.
15:11 15 Feb 18
Michelle Allerding
Michelle A.
21:02 14 Feb 18
Kevin Belcher
Kevin B.
22:18 13 Feb 18
Demetrius Clark
Demetrius C.
17:53 13 Feb 18
Staff was very patient and they did not rush through the program. They made sure we knew the lessons and materials very well .
Mark Hartmann
Mark H.
08:31 12 Feb 18
Knowledgeable and entertaining staff kept me engaged for the entire class. I definitely recommend this course!
Adrian Clark
Adrian C.
02:48 12 Feb 18
It was a very informative class and I really enjoyed my experience.
Leeza Crosby-Edwards
Leeza C.
22:33 11 Feb 18
I had a wonderful experience. When I started I was scared out of my mind. My instructor was Awesome. The owner and his family were Awesome. Very reputable company. The family protection dog was Awesome. The Attorney was hilarious. This was an Awesome experience. Not scared any more. I got my CC permit last Friday. Thanks you guys a bunch😎😀
Becky Woods
Becky W.
22:21 11 Feb 18
Dawn Mathews
Dawn M.
04:30 10 Feb 18
James Tuma
James T.
20:22 06 Feb 18
It was a great experience and had very knowledgeable staff.
Louann Bargy
Louann B.
18:08 06 Feb 18
Ty Lacette
Ty L.
14:39 04 Feb 18
Boyd Sharp
Boyd S.
16:37 31 Jan 18
Great program,professional, great teachers made learning easy!
Tim Sam Chuck
Tim Sam C.
01:33 28 Jan 18
Took the course, no complaints. Will recommend again. Great knowledgeable staff and a fun learning environment.
Becky Woods
Becky W.
01:06 28 Jan 18
I found the class to be extremely informative , the staff was friendly and the training was top notch . I would 100% recommend them .
Tracy Allen
Tracy A.
21:52 27 Jan 18
Class was very thorough and organized. All of the instructors were very helpful and encouraged questions and feedback. Cost is about half of other CCW classes in the Central Ohio area. Would highly recommend this place if interested in obtaining a CCW license.
Kevin Arocho
Kevin A.
14:05 22 Jan 18
Great place to learn and awesome instructors that will work hard to make sure you understand everything you need!
Lora Cox
Lora C.
00:29 21 Jan 18
Loved the class. Very informative. We learned so much and all the instructors were great.
Marc Carpenter
Marc C.
21:02 16 Jan 18
Great experience ! Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Even had an experienced concealed carry lawyer available to cover the legalities and answer questions . Don’t hesitate to sign up .
Lori Morgan
Lori M.
23:22 14 Jan 18
I was very nervous and excited to take this class. I can honestly say it was a piece of cake!!!!I would definitely recommend this class!!
Victor Canty
Victor C.
02:47 13 Jan 18
Matt C
Matt C
11:13 12 Jan 18
No matter your skill level or experience, this is THE place for firearm instruction!
Armed&Legal Firearms academy
Armed&Legal Firearms A.
21:36 11 Jan 18
Thanks to the great team Kevin has put together to instruct others I am now a successful Instructor myself.
Brian Moss
Brian M.
17:08 10 Jan 18
Great bunch at Armed2Defend...professional, caring and concern for your safety,,I have been to several classes including several at Armed2Defend...It don't get any better than this.......
Jim Smith
Jim S.
01:45 10 Jan 18
Jon Herbst
Jon H.
23:10 09 Jan 18
Shawn O'Brien
Shawn O.
13:45 09 Jan 18
The entire staff was great, very professional and knowledgeable. I left the class feeling very confident about carrying a concealed handgun. Classroom time was very informative (as it should be), including the legal portion provided by one of the top gun lawyers in central Ohio. The range time exceeded my expectations. Groups were split in two, intermediate (have fired handguns before and wanted a bit more intensive training) and beginner (never fired a handgun or needed to master basic handling skills). Highly recommended!!!Thanks Armed 2 Defend!
Tanesha Taylor
Tanesha T.
14:07 05 Jan 18
Charday Litzy-Taylor
Charday L.
15:19 01 Jan 18
Nate Hood
Nate H.
21:39 31 Dec 17
This was an excellent class and the instructors are professional, helpful and patient!
Janine Löschke Hood
Janine Löschke H.
05:47 31 Dec 17
David Blackston
David B.
01:11 31 Dec 17
Awesome instructors, great time and learning experience.
Tim McCall
Tim M.
00:54 31 Dec 17
GREAT class. The instructors keep your attention and make sure you understand the information. The shooting range was FRIGID but, there were plenty of heaters. Kevin and Cody kept walking through to make sure everyone was ok. I would recommend Armed2Defend to ANYONE wanting GREAT instruction.
Thomas Jordan
Thomas J.
12:59 24 Dec 17
Very informative and thorough. I would recommend this course to anyone that is look for the bery best in concealed weapon teaching.
clifton brown
clifton B.
20:27 19 Dec 17
Pat West
Pat W.
13:19 14 Dec 17
Fun and informative. Great instructors.
Cody Theis
Cody T.
22:49 13 Dec 17
Great instructors and crystal clear training. The range instruction was incredible. Safety is priority 1!
Charday Litzy-Taylor
Charday L.
00:33 10 Dec 17
I loved this class. It was really informative. My range instructor was super patient and helpful. I can't wait to go to the range and practice what I've learned. I strongly recommend.
Michael Simpson
Michael S.
19:40 04 Dec 17
Seth French
Seth F.
19:11 04 Dec 17
Great experience! Would highly recommend any of Arm2Defend's trainers.
Phil Reese
Phil R.
15:11 03 Dec 17
I was in the Ohio National Guard for 26 years, was not required to take the CCL classes but so glad I did. Even with my extensive knowledge of firearms, this class provided me valuable information to advance my small arms knowledge. Class was very informative, time spent at the range was invaluable and the chance to fire over 15 different weapons helped me make my decision on what gun would be best for me. Kevin and his crew are exemplary and I highly recommend Armed2Defend. Thanks to all, i picked up my CCL yesterday, money and time well spent.
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed A.
23:38 28 Nov 17
Daniel Daugherty
Daniel D.
17:52 24 Nov 17
I took this course with my niece who wanted to get her concealed carry. After spending 22-years in the U.S. military I did not expect much from the training. I was pleasantly surprised! This course is complete and in my opinion, a great purchase.
Pammi Ray
Pammi R.
23:44 21 Nov 17
Awesome instructors, informative , friendly and knowledgeable
Sommer Johnson
Sommer J.
02:55 21 Nov 17
Gail Evanguelidi
Gail E.
17:10 20 Nov 17
The Armed2Defend class was the best and most informative class. I strongly suggest that if you are thinking about getting the concealed carry permit, this would be the place to go. I am a resident of Florida and took the class in Ohio. When I got back to Florida, I took the certificate and presented it to the DMV and they immediately filed for the permit. The lady also said she had heard about Kevin Sadeski’s class and that it was exceptional. I agree!!! Gail Evanguelidi
Chris White
Chris W.
17:33 19 Nov 17
Anthony Huber
Anthony H.
02:15 19 Nov 17
kelly hill
kelly H.
23:43 18 Nov 17
John Royer
John R.
21:02 18 Nov 17
We took our Ohio Concealed Carry Class through A2D. They had everything needed to complete the class and get it ready to submit!
Dana York
Dana Y.
18:49 16 Nov 17
Dell Plunkett
Dell P.
00:57 15 Nov 17
Keith Norris
Keith N.
20:18 14 Nov 17
Very informative, safe and enjoyable. All the staff there is great!
Rashad Jones
Rashad J.
18:08 14 Nov 17
James Polley
James P.
01:01 14 Nov 17
Excellent class! Best instructors in the area. Best value by far!
Chris Engle
Chris E.
13:12 12 Nov 17
Absolutely a great class to take and the instructors are awesome. Mr. Sweeny thanks for the extra instructions on the range.
ben dismer
ben D.
02:16 12 Nov 17
Went to Armed2Defend for my CCW and it was worth every penny. The instructors were great and very knowledgeable and the range time was perfect. Makes me feel very comfortable carrying.
Alexis Belle Champer
Alexis Belle C.
01:15 12 Nov 17
I am so glad that my mother and I chose armed2defend for our concealed carry class. It was an excellent choice! Every single instructor is knowledgeable and patient. No question is a stupid question. When it came to range time, they really take the time to pay attention to your form and help you improve and be a better shooter. Thank you!! I’ll definitely be back for a self defense shooting class.
Erisa Lazaj
Erisa L.
01:02 11 Nov 17
Brian Moss
Brian M.
01:44 10 Nov 17
Kevin runs an outstanding organization....look forward to many more classes with Armed2defend....
Christina Kuhlen Smith
Christina Kuhlen S.
22:48 06 Nov 17
Loved this class it was very thorough and I especially appreciated they had an attorney come in to explain the law surrounding carrying in Ohio.
Tammie N Billy White
Tammie N Billy W.
17:09 05 Nov 17
Very knowledgeable staff. They made class fun and educational. The instructors at the range were also very helpful. They took time to show you how to use a gun properly and gave you tips on hitting your target too. Thanks to all the staff!
Teresa Pannell
Teresa P.
14:46 05 Nov 17
I would highly recommend Armed2Defend.There was no pressure. They took their time with you.Taught you everything that you need.
Tina Taylor
Tina T.
02:27 05 Nov 17
Mark Stamper
Mark S.
22:30 04 Nov 17
Great instructors and great classroom environment! Make sure to work with Stacy!!!
Tammie White
Tammie W.
22:02 04 Nov 17
Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Left with great confidence.
Chelsea muir
Chelsea M.
14:49 03 Nov 17
Loved going to this class, didn't feel pressured to buy anything. made me feel completely safe on the range. Loved the instructors !
Godrock Envyy
Godrock E.
15:05 02 Nov 17
grady cooper
grady C.
21:48 01 Nov 17
The concealed carry class that I took at armed2defend was very informative on the current laws in the state of Ohio... a large part of it I already knew because of my private police training but I chose to humble myself and not let it be known of my past experience with firearm training... instructor Stacy Duncan was very professional and very informative not only in the class but at the firing range as well... I would highly give my recommendation to armed2defend for those that's seeking a carry conceal permit...Thanks Grady Cooper,Westerville Ohio
Kelly Kassor
Kelly K.
14:51 01 Nov 17
I had an outstanding day of learning in a classroom setting as well as on the range. Top rate instruction all around. I would recommend it to anyone and have already done so to my friends. You can't go wrong for the money.....also invest in the sample pack!
lillobee york
lillobee Y.
09:24 01 Nov 17
This is the best place ever!!!
04:01 01 Nov 17
The Presentation of the material was engaging and informative. All of the staff were very professional and safe, making my experience very excellent... Thank you Guys!
rob fink
rob F.
14:16 30 Oct 17
Michael H
Michael H
13:10 30 Oct 17
Amazing place to take your concealed carry class. Sure, it didn't have an indoor range like some places brag about and unless it's really cold outside, their outdoor covered range absolutely perfect. I now have my concealed carry license thanks to them.
Paul Robinson
Paul R.
23:17 29 Oct 17
Nicole Sleeper
Nicole S.
22:01 28 Oct 17
My mom and I had a wonderful time today. Lot of knowledge and great training in the range.
Jan Spencer
Jan S.
17:25 28 Oct 17
Great place and gift certificates are great for Christmas!
Mo Huiss
Mo H.
10:05 28 Oct 17
Very informative. Very helpful instructors. Great value!
melinda burks
melinda B.
09:56 26 Oct 17
This is a very good place to get your CCW. If you are going to get it check them out.
15:26 23 Oct 17
13:13 23 Oct 17
Kaela holloway
Kaela H.
15:47 21 Oct 17
David Hernandez
David H.
20:23 20 Oct 17
Great, Top Notch Instruction and even More amazing Professional Instructors. I recommend attending any and all training Armed2Defend has to offer. I traveled 4 hours to attend the Instructors Training, and will Drive it again for more Instructor Training Courses. I retired 26 years in Army 6 in the Airborne Infantry, and 20 years as a Green Beret and I can tell you Armed2Defend Instructors who Instructed knew the Class inside and out, they also had the knowledge that set up every Student Instructor for future success. Thank You All at Armed2Defend I now Teach to keep busy.
Michelle Ganci
Michelle G.
15:25 17 Oct 17
Did a lot of research about this course. I’m so glad I chose this one! It was well put together, organized, and professional. We also had a good time doing it. All of the instructors we top notch!
Don Baker
Don B.
22:25 16 Oct 17
Brandy Ott
Brandy O.
13:38 15 Oct 17
Yolundra Jackson
Yolundra J.
18:02 12 Oct 17
James Dunn
James D.
16:29 09 Oct 17
Only because cannot go higher. Amazing staff. The only think they care about then you learning is that you do it safely.
Caitlin: Nurturing Light and Life
Caitlin: Nurturing Light and L.
12:34 09 Oct 17
Jacob Freeman
Jacob F.
10:30 09 Oct 17
Great experience at Armed2Defend CCW training. The staff was committed to making sure each student understood the content of gun safety and the ohio laws regarding firearms. Very educational. The range instructors were knowledgable and took the time to not only watch us but also help us. I saw them help first timers with the basics of shooting a pistol, they were patient and willing to help any way possible. I recommend Armed2Defend to anyone looking to get a concealed carry license.
Shawn Lieber
Shawn L.
15:15 06 Oct 17
Mark Polley
Mark P.
11:51 04 Oct 17
I took the Conceled Carry class on 9/30/17. It was an excellent experience. Kevin and his team contacted participants several times prior to class with helpful information about the class as well as how to apply for a licence upon successful completion of training.The staff in the classroom was both knowledgeable and helpful. The instructors on the range did a great job of explaining the basics and were very diligent in imparting the knowledge necessary to safely use a handgun. I left class with everything I needed to successful apply for my licence to carry a concealed handgun in Ohio. I completed the class on a Saturday and had my licence in hand the following Monday afternoon. I highly recommend Armed2Defend to anyone interested in getting a concealed handgun licence as well as those simply interested in training on the safe handling of firearms.
Steven Adams
Steven A.
22:42 03 Oct 17
Highly recommend. Very educational and helpful for both experienced and inexperienced. You will learn basic pistol concepts with a major focus on the safety, responsibility, and the legality of carrying CCW.
Chevelle M Bird
Chevelle M B.
15:38 01 Oct 17
Steven Adams
Steven A.
13:48 01 Oct 17
Highly recommend. Very educational and helpful for both experienced and inexperienced. You will learn basic pistol concepts with a major focus on the safety, responsibility, and the legality of carrying CCW.
Joe Rettof
Joe R.
03:10 01 Oct 17
Great folks. Solid training. Will be back to learn more and improve upon training.
Jimmy D Mitchell
Jimmy D M.
21:03 30 Sep 17
I had a blast today! I'm sending my wife and my dad here!
Jennifer S.
Jennifer S.
16:08 30 Sep 17
I have to say that being that this was my first conceal carry class it was very informative and entertaining at the same time. Each instructor who spoke was very thorough going over each section of the class. Safety for everyone is the top priority which makes sure that you all go home safe and sound that evening. They are willing to answer all your questions and no question is dumb. They had gun cases/ bags, eye protection, safes, cleaning kits, and a variety of books that went along side of the class for purchase to assist you. I love the fact that they brought in an actual attorney who has won lots of awards from the NRA to talk to you as well as answer questions. Once out at the range, Ed, one of the instructors that was with me was fantastic! He helped me and made little suggestions which helped greatly. Then once I did the sampler pack (which is a add on where you can try a number of different guns with ammo provided to see what gun you liked) Ed came over and made some suggestions as to which ones he recommended based off of my shooting preference. I greatly appreciate all the instructors from Kevin, Stacy, Stan and Ed!!! You won't go wrong by taking this class.
Tony Golden
Tony G.
23:56 29 Sep 17
Great Class Setting, the instructor was awesome, I think it's family owned, but they all know what the heck they are doing, if you are in the market for your ccws I highly suggest Armed to Defend!!!
rachel ray
rachel R.
05:25 25 Sep 17
Cristan Bianca
Cristan B.
20:30 24 Sep 17
The class was great and the instructors were easy to follow and kept my interest. Everyone who worked here was extremely kind and very helpful. I'm a beginner and they were very helpful. Even took pictures of me and my friends at the end. I'll recommend them!!
Mike Powell
Mike P.
18:38 24 Sep 17
Lady-Dreama Gordon
Lady-Dreama G.
16:44 24 Sep 17
Wonderful staff. Awesome experience! Very knowledgeable in the area of carry concealed weapons.
James E Dunn
James E D.
23:06 23 Sep 17
Amazing staff. Will get you whete you can feel comfortable with firearms
Matt Backes
Matt B.
10:11 23 Sep 17
Lisa Meadows
Lisa M.
02:13 22 Sep 17
Penny Callis
Penny C.
16:11 21 Sep 17
Beto Montemayor
Beto M.
02:33 21 Sep 17
Very effective and easy combination of learning the ins and outs of conceal n carry rules, laws, regulations and fundamentals of basic gun control for both the experienced gunslingers or the amateur.....Great teaching and the range officer's were all on their top game to secure a safe gun range zone during qualifications and target shooting! From classroom to shooting range....everyone was fully engaged and they were hands on to assist and give honest feedback or handgun critique and or advice too....
Donald Dicke
Donald D.
19:02 20 Sep 17
Knowledgeable instructors! Prepare to be taught
Rhonda Lia
Rhonda L.
23:46 18 Sep 17
John Collins
John C.
18:55 17 Sep 17
Kyle Newsome
Kyle N.
20:08 15 Sep 17
If you plan on taking a ccw course this is definitely the place to do it. Stacy Duncan was the instructor for our class and he is a very good and well educated instructor answered any and all question that i had to ask and with the addition of ken there is no reason you should ever leave with any question of the ccw laws for Ohio ken provided us with a very good and detailed understanding of the Ohio ccw laws. So if you plan on taking a class call them and check them out. Thanks armed2defend for the wonderful experience.
Juanitha Harrison
Juanitha H.
19:04 12 Sep 17
Greg Reinke
Greg R.
13:59 10 Sep 17
I was at yesterday class. I have to say they were very organized, from the parking attendants to the certificate being handed out at the end of the day. It was very informative regarding laws, guns and ammo. They had a lawyer present to answer any questions and explain the CCW laws. I am also glad I took the intermediate shooting at the range. With the instructors giving a little more "really life" feel to being in a situation that may happen. All in all 5 out of 5 stars I wish we could Mark it higher.Great day, ThanksGreg
Bert Wright
Bert W.
02:08 07 Sep 17
Brian Wilkinson
Brian W.
20:28 05 Sep 17
Joni Pierce
Joni P.
16:01 03 Sep 17
Jonly Wonly
Jonly W.
17:03 31 Aug 17
Great course, excellent value! If you want to get your Ohio CCW permit, don't hesitate, this is the place.
donald adkins
donald A.
22:16 28 Aug 17
it was an awsome experince i would do it again it was very knowledge
Tarina M. Stevens
Tarina M. S.
01:27 27 Aug 17
Great training! Instructor Stacy really made the classroom portion enjoyable. If you plan on getting your CHL this is the place to go!!!!!
Amanda Marlowe
Amanda M.
01:23 25 Aug 17
Friendly, knowledgeable staff and lots of opportunities to continue your firearms education beyond the CCW class. I love the Rosie Pistol classes and don't plan to miss a single one!
John Proctor Jr
John Proctor J.
17:56 22 Aug 17
Great class. Relaxed classroom environment, amazing lectures, and affordable. My wife and I enjoyed the day. Gun range was efficient and offered good hands on interactions with staff. We have recommended Armed2Defend to friends and family.
Deby Collier Crolla
Deby Collier C.
14:02 20 Aug 17
Dreaded taking this class due to the amount of time. But I was pleasantly surprised that the day went buy super quick. I recommend adding the sample pack if you are not sure what kind of fun you want.
Debbie Beatty Cooper
Debbie Beatty C.
05:03 20 Aug 17
Awesome training, went over and above on safety and education
Tim Johnson
Tim J.
21:15 19 Aug 17
Catherine Adolph
Catherine A.
03:39 18 Aug 17
Tyler Alvoid
Tyler A.
03:33 18 Aug 17
Ricky Lawrence
Ricky L.
00:37 17 Aug 17
23:16 16 Aug 17
Great experience, thanks for everything!
Troy Gussler
Troy G.
23:10 16 Aug 17
Quentin Thompson
Quentin T.
22:42 16 Aug 17
A true learning experience very family oriented, i learn a lot from knowledge of concealed carry laws to great range time to make me a better shot ,thanks a2d....
Robert Sturm
Robert S.
01:51 13 Aug 17
The training session was full of needed information. The instructors at the shooting range were always willing to provide assistance.
nicki lauderback
nicki L.
01:45 12 Aug 17
The class was both informative and engaging. A lot of good information with a definitive emphasis on safety. I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in getting their concealed carry permit.
There'ase' Hunt
There'ase' H.
13:07 08 Aug 17
I love Kevin and the people that he has on his team. Very informative, he takes your pictures you need for license, answers any questions you may have, gives you the information to have more opportunity to carry in other states and comforts those who are new at shooting (NOT pushy and gives good suggestions). I have talked to people who have taken the class elsewhere and DON'T know 1/2 of the important Laws of having you CCW that I learned in Armed2Defend!
Jackie Fleming
Jackie F.
19:50 05 Aug 17
Amazing experience and excellent training! Highly recommend anyone to come and get their CC!
Harriston James
Harriston J.
23:13 03 Aug 17
I was able to learn a lot both in the class and at the range.Now I can safely operate a fire arm
Mikey Elizondo
Mikey E.
18:42 31 Jul 17
Fantastic group of people, the instructors were all excellent. Kevin and his crew do a terrific job and I would recommend them to anyone.
Joe Dowdell
Joe D.
18:46 30 Jul 17
Class was great and all the instructors were very very professional , Thanks Armed 2 Defend
Bravo Charlie Productions
Bravo Charlie P.
15:34 30 Jul 17
Pretty good place to go for CCW. They keep it interesting.
Allen Wright
Allen W.
00:10 30 Jul 17
23:21 27 Jul 17
Aaron Michael
Aaron M.
18:38 27 Jul 17
Been meaning to post a review-great time at the range and class. Kevin and the instructors really do an awesome job and you can tell this is their passion. Great amount of information too and they are always open to answering questions. Thanks again!
Jermeki Anderson
Jermeki A.
14:28 26 Jul 17
Bradley Dillon Bragg
Bradley Dillon B.
01:50 25 Jul 17
The instructors do a great job helping you feel prepared by the time the class is over with. Im glad I went to Armed2Defend to get my training done. 5 star top notch choice, definitely recommended to anyone interested.
Robbie Luxford
Robbie L.
22:30 24 Jul 17
Richard D Campbell
Richard D C.
19:33 24 Jul 17
Ebony Johnson
Ebony J.
13:19 23 Jul 17
This was a great course. The instructors were very knowledgeable and willing to answer any question, you have. Staff was pleasant and friendly as well. This was my first firearm course and I left feeling comfortable and prepared for life with a CCW license. Keep up the good work. You're doing a great job.