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Armed2Defend’s Ohio CCW Class Gift Certificate

Give your friends and loved ones a gift certificate for Armed2Defend’s top rated Ohio concealed carry class.

Our gift certificates never expire; they always cover the full price of class even if our price goes up. 

After you purchase the gift certificate, a PDF certificate will be emailed to the address used to purchase the certificate. Please contact us if you need it sent to a different address.

Please note that it might take up to 48 hours to process. Please contact if you need it sooner.

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  • 8 Hours of Concealed Carry Handgun Training Required for Ohio CCW License
  • Passport Style Photo ($9 value)
  • Handgun Usage (22lr)
  • 22lr Ammunition for the range training
  • Attorney Presentation on Ohio Firearm and Self Defense Laws
  • Range Fees
  • Safety Glasses Usage
  • Ear Protection Usage
  • BONUS: NRA Associate Membership ($10 value)

All the same benefits as the Basic Concealed Carry Gift Certificate Plus:


  • Book: Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws written by Attorney Ken Hanson ($21.50 value)
  • Book: Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals written by Michael Martin & the USCCA ($29.03 value)
  • Pistol Sampler Pack- Opportunity to test fire around 16 different conceal carry pistols in addition to our standard range training ($37.63 value)
  • Donatos Pizza Lunch Buffet ($6 value)

Actual Testimonials

Kellee DeHainaut
Kellee D.
20:13 20 Feb 20
Hands down the BEST organization ever! I took my class and loved every moment of it. I bought a gift certificate for a friend because I wanted them to have the very best training as well!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Ashley Calwise
Ashley C.
22:12 23 Nov 19
The class was great. The material was taught in a manner that was very easy to understand no matter your level of knowledge on guns or the laws surrounding them was. Jamie was my instructor at the range and he was beyond GREAT! He helped me become very comfortable with shooting and my gun in our time at the range. If I ever had to take the class again I’d come back. For now I’m just giving the class away as Christmas gift.
Belle Skin Experts
Belle Skin E.
12:23 17 Jul 19
My brother signed me up for the class as a birthday gift! My brother and I attended our class April 27th 2019 and had a wonderful experience. The staff was kind, professional, involved, educated and fun. We have recommended all of our friends and family to Armed2defend. We were so happy we went them.
Wildflower Poet
Wildflower P.
23:54 07 Nov 18
I received my CCW after attending their class 6 years ago, and I was satisfied with the knowledge and experience I gained through Armed2Defend.... I took my mom for her 60th birthday present this past July☺ The worlds getting a little crazier to make sure she is safe!My 25 year old daughter is next!
Tia Marsh
Tia M.
03:08 05 Mar 18
Phenomenal course and instructors!! Best Christmas gift ever!!
Jan Spencer
Jan S.
17:25 28 Oct 17
Great place and gift certificates are great for Christmas!
John Grossman
John G.
12:57 18 Jan 17
this was gift for my son. he told me he was very impressed with the experience. he found talking to an attorney very informative
Patty Hohlmayer
Patty H.
10:37 08 Jan 17
I had been thinking about getting my CCW for a few years but just never took the step to sign up. My sister, her husband and his brother were signed up for this class and told me about it and offered to buy me this class as a birthday present. I loved it!! The class wasn't boring at all, the instructors keep you engaged and aware of the responsibility that comes with the license. The lawyer definitely shed some light on the laws of carrying a gun. I never shot a gun before in my life. After taking the class, I felt better prepared to finally take my first shot. The whole entire experience was awesome and i'm so glad I finally did it! I would 100% recommend this class to friends, family and anyone else I run into who is interested in acquiring their CCW.
R Sherlock
R S.
12:23 30 May 16
I moved her from another state and have had a carry permit for several years. I decided to apply for an Ohio Carry Permit. A couple of years ago I researched and signed up for a class with "Armed2Defend". The class furnished more information and training then my prior class and the range training was amazing. A few months ago I gifted a class to a friend and set in through the class and range. It was even better then the first. I am glad to see they are always improving. "The Arizona Peddler
Mary Selid
Mary S.
16:17 15 Feb 16
I love this place. For my daughters 21st birthday she wanted to get her CC. Her father and I joined in and we all three completed the class. I am so pleased that we did. Great family owned business that has a passion about the second amendment and helping people understand the law regarding guns. My daughter and I have since taken another class to get more comfortable carrying our guns. Not only was it informative, it was an enjoyable afternoon. I highly recommend this facility!