Defensive Pistol Training

Defensive Pistol Training – Level 1

Learn the practical defensive pistol skills that every concealed carrier NEEDS to know!

Course Goal: To teach how to draw from a holster, how to react to pistol malfunctions, how to perform tactical and emergency reloading, and how to further personal training in order to develop lifesaving defensive pistol skills. This is the next level course to take after you complete the basic Ohio concealed carry training . You do not have to be an Armed2Defend or NRA basic pistol shooting graduate to attend this training.

Prerequisites: Demonstration of basic pistol knowledge, skill and attitude. You do not need to have a concealed carry license before taking this defensive pistol training course.

Course Length: 6 Hours Completed in One Day

Fee: $100

Course Details: Read the course details

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Defensive Pistol Training – Level 2