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Low Light Defensive Shooting at Rosie Pistol

Posted October 4, 2016 by admin

Ladies, you’re going to want to take off work early to make it to this Thursday’s Rosie Pistol meeting. This will be an introduction to home defense shooting in low light with the women’s shooting group. Learn how to use the night to your advantage in this live fire training. Alpha Star Tactical is donating tactical flashlights to participants. Flashlights are limited and they will be given based on the order of registration.   We will be meeting Thursday October 6th from 6 pm to 8 pm. Please join us; you’ll be glad that you did! Registration will remain open up to the start of the event. You must prepay the $15 fee to RSVP for the meeting. Certified NRA Instructors and RSO’s who want to assist in the meeting can attend for free. Flashlights will be given based on the order of paid registrations. You must attend the event Read More >

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Columbus Women’s Pistol Shooting Group Meeting

Posted July 17, 2014 by admin

We had a record attendance at the June meeting of the Columbus Ohio Women’s Pistol Shooting Group with 19 participants plus Instructor Stacy. At the meeting Instructor Becky from Kyhide Holsters discussed holster and concealed carry options for women. She included demonstrations of various holsters and gave all the participants a handout for reference. Stacy presented and demonstrated on defensive pistol and the importance of training for a defensive encounter. During the range time, the participants practiced some defensive pistol techniques of quickly aligning the sights and shooting at a defensive target. Pictures from the meeting are posted here: Next Meeting: For the July 19th meeting, Instructor Sonya is going to lead discussion and drills to identify shooting errors. After the error is identified, then she’ll give directions on how to practice to reduce this error. Everyone, including the top shooters in the world, have shooting errors. What makes them the top in the world Read More >

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