Journey of the Shooter

Homeowner Shoots and Kills 3 Masks Teens – But Wait…

Learn the 6 things that happen after the police arrive in a self-defense encounter. In a self-defense situation you only have seconds to make decisions and respond while under stress. Everyone else has months and years to analyze and determine what you should have done. The USCCA Membership gives you the financial and legal coverage to protect you.

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The Beginners Guide to the Ohio CCW License

The Beginners Guide to the Ohio CCW License The Ohio concealed carry (CCW, CHL) license isn't just for those in the military or police. Approximately 1 out of every 20 Ohioans have the Ohio CCW license. That is around 600,000 CCW license holders in Ohio. Why do so...

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Training Course Updates

These Ladies Are CCW Ready, Are You?

Ladies, You Missed Out! The ladies at last night's Rosie Pistol Women's Shooting Group gained a ton of confidence in themselves and their skills as a concealed carrier. These ladies really took their ccw skills to the next level and they had a lot of fun in the...

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NRA Marksmanship Qualification Results for November 2018

Congratulations to the following shooters that qualified in the NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program in November: Pro-Marksman: Cliffone Dawkins R.S. Elam Hayden Payne Marksman: Andrew J. Daniels Michael Sheriff Marksman 1st Class: Cody Theis Bryan Reddy James...

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Special Events, Promotions, Contests & Legislative News

Get a $25 Gift Card With an NRA Membership!

This weekend stop by Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops to get a $25 gift card when you join or renew your National Rifle Association (NRA) membership. This Cabela's gift card is given on the spot and you can use it immediately or save it for later. Gift Card with Discounted...

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Armed2Defend in the News

More people aiming at getting guns – NBC4

 NBC4 Staff - PATASKALA, Ohio (WCMH)--"I believe we have seen maybe 15 to 20 percent increase in gun sales," said Steven Garavuso of The Bullet Ranch in Pataskala. Garavuso says the increase is being triggered by terrorism, and people who need to defend themselves in...

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